Saturday, May 30, 2009

So My Dog's Just FAT

Greetings and Holykisses,

Yesterday, I loaded all three of our Corgis in my truck and hauled them to the vet. They all needed their yearly vaccinations, and our beloved Abe needed a thorough checkup. He just celebrated his 9th birthday and lately hasn't been doing very well. If he gets hot at all, or exerts himself at all he starts to cough up foam. He's on heart worm medicine but a couple doses, were missed doing "on time." Thankfully, his blood test showed no trace of heartworms. Diagnoses: TOO DOGGONE FAT. "Yes Doc, I know he's a little "chunky." "Your dog is not a little chunky, he's TOO FAT.* (sigh)

In times past, when I myself have had to go to the doctor, I've dreaded, worried and starved myself the week before I've went; all because of those dreaded words. "You're overweight." "You need to LOSE a few pounds." It's like a knife in the heart! I hated going to the doctor, all because I dreaded hearing those remarks. And yesterday,............ the scolding was over my DOG! Thank goodness Abe didn't understand. He just kept smiling, happily because thee assistant was busy scratching the good spot that makes his leg thump wildly while he was up on thee exam table. But I... felt horrible. I'm killing my dog with food.
We've told him he's just big boned. You're just a big dog, Abe.. wearing little dogs legs.
But truly, I know it's outta hand. The last time I took him along on my walk, and had to carry him back, I thought I was gonna die. He got over-exerted and kept coughing n throwin up and I seriously thought he was going to have a heart attack. By the time, I managed to haul his carcass up the hill back to the house, I thought I was gonna have one too!

Now I'm measuring his food. He eats behind closed doors- away from his kids Francoise and Addie. Because otherwise, he'll finish his,-- in two seconds flat, and polish off theirs as well. And beg for more! Poor Abe. No one is allowed to say the C word around here annnnnymore.
Other than that, there's nothing new around here. The puddleducks still live at the barn and are quite content playing in puddles.
Hairdoo knows it's "Good to be queen."
This goofy hen keeps jumpin on Olde Lydia and sits there while Lydia eats her grain. I've ran for my camera time and time again but usually when I come back she's jumped off. Finally caught her in thee act.

I know Lydia looks rough. She's OLDE. She's had so many kids and all were sets of twins. She's a registered saanen goat, and is now an old lady! You know how some little old ladies get TINY when they age? That's Lydia! Come to think of it, she really IS old! How long do goats live anyways... she's like a PARROT!*
So my dog's too fat, and my goats too thin, and the chicken... well; she's a riot!

Calla lilies are all in bloom. This morning when I went to the garden, I found this little bee holed up in the center of one. It was completely still, almost as if it had bedded down there for the night. I think you can enlarge the photo. A little callabee.

Well, it's a beautiful sunny-saturday.
I'm turnin this box off and heading to the great outdoors.
Hope you have a beeautiful weekend!

"And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!" ~ Luke 1:47


Debra said...

I want to tell you how I've enjoyed my 'visit' to your home, and I love your animals, flowers, and hospitality!
But may I please save your 'Hairdoo' duck's picture and the chicken on the goat picture? I would love to make either a doll or a painting from them. Thank you...and I'm glad old Abe is going to be ok-he's a doll.
Love, Debra

From the Heart said...

Bless you, my friend. You just crack me up. I enjoy your posts so much. I can tell you take very good care of your "whole" family (including the animals.)
Luv u,

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie!! It is so hard to resist feeding these furry family members are scraps isn't it? I am starting to walk our bearded collie, Cooper tonight because he has put on about 5-7 pounds. I think the key is activity...just like with us!

Love your goat and chicken pic and adore the puddleducks, too!! So much to see on a farm!!

Hope your weekend is lovely and that you enjoy your time outdoors. I have a wedding to help with in a little while!!

Blessings and hugs,

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Lea,
Loved this post, smiled all the way through, seems like you have very interesting occupants at your place as we do!! Don't cha just love them!!
Thanks for sharing.

Yolanda said...

I've decided to name my bull snake, Jack. This morning I looked and looked for him but didn't see him. Yesterday he was getting ready to crawl up on the car port so I got out my Steve Irwin grippers and became Mrs. Steve Irwin. When I called hubs to tell him I was Mrs, he knew exactly what I had done, and it was my first time using them. Darn, those snakes are h-e-a-v-y!

Sister, I love ya and I always enjoy when you post or email. BLESS YA!

Lots of Love from K to A.

Denise said...

I love coming here and reading about your day, you always bring happiness to my day. I love you.

godsown said...


It made me smile all the way....
Take Care of your family and those beautifull animals..

Blessed Sunday

Joyfulsister said...

LOL You are so funny!!! I wish we had a place with animals like yours, my daughter would love it !!! Hey I'm having a giveaway and also an award for you so come on over!!

hugz Lorie

Bliss said...

Poor Abe! I feel your pain Abe! People hate carrying me back from walks too...

The Brementown Musicians! The Grimm fairytale where the animals stack up :)

I have been working on the art doll...good things come to those who wait :)

SweetAnnee said...

Hey've won my 400th post giveaway..Just email me
so I ship it out!!!

smiles, Deena

Farm Chick Paula said...

Lea, your dog doesn't look fat to me. Of course I don't look fat to myself, either, so who am I to judge? LOL
Love the hen on Lydia's back... wonder what she's doin' up there?