Monday, May 18, 2009

~Getting PluGGed iN!~ Finding Grace

Good MORNINglory,
and smOOchy holykisses!

Last night, was our final night of the revival. Too bad, because i'm just not ready for it to be over. i'm asking God to keep it burning in my new heart. Yall know, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us! God's more than heard me, and He answered, using things i understand within my extra-ordinary little life.

Remember the Contessa Urina Mariah? If you've never met her before, she's the keeper of the potting shed. On special days, she loves to dress up in her apron and feather boa to dance in corn rows, and attend Sisterchick tea parties. She's a humble garden girl who does what she can, Inspite of her circumstance that she doesn't even have a head: she still wears hats!* -- I'm looking at her differently today. Who knew that this morning, i'd look to her and find a portion of grace???

Several of you asked about the revival. Each night, i walked away having learned something to apply to this little life of mine. ~ Some of you don't know but this is the church we first attended and there; got serious about dedicating our lives to God. Then as years went on, our boys turned to teenagers and started visiting a different church with friends and it had an incredible youth group. They loved it. Our youngest began playing guitar in the praise and worship band. So we ended up going as well.
Then as they grew up and graduated.... things began changing again. We prayed long and hard, knowing something was stirring us elsewhere. We just didn't know where? We stayed close to God, but still walked in the wilderness. Now here are we right back where we started. A full circle. All except the pastors who led years ago, are no longer there. We loved them very much, but we love the new ones too!!! ~So it's all good! And the people... have been sooooo welcoming, you cannot even imagine it. Love? Oh yeah!!!!

We've not rejoined yet; that will be up to Myguy. That will be his decision... he's the priest of the home and he already knows i'm happy there. Even if he didn't want to go there, and would choose somewhere else; i'd follow. But he seems content as i. Thing is, because of his work schedule, i do alot of church things alone. He goes Sunday mornings, but that's it. His schedule is very hectic. I'm thankful he loves the Lord and makes time for God every Sunday morning, -- This week; he made it to one evening service at the revival, the rest i was by myself.

At the revival, the pastor said to "bloom where you're planted." An Old cliche' that held
great meaning for me.
i've really missed having a place to belong. Walking the wilderness is tiring. i know; going to thee other churches taught us things we'd have not learned any other way. For that i'm grateful. And in the dry times, staying rooted in the word, kept me planted in Jesus Christ; even if we didn't have a church home.
The Lord reminded me of the morning glorys today. Ever heard of perennials that reseed themselves? Well, once upon a time, i sowed morning glorys. See all the little "new hearts,"
in the garden? These came up on their own. Look close: tiny little "new hearts"
springing up all over the place. They reseed
every spring. i have a love-hate relationship with them now. They
spring up everywhere , and go crazy. They climb everything and grow to the top of the potting shed. To bad i'm not a little more like them. They not only bloom where they were planted, they reseed themselves; weather any storm and continue to bear fruit and color the world they live in.
"Behold I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Rev 3:20

This verse was spoken the last day of revival and i keep seeing the door knocker on the shed when i hear it. This morning glory grew around the door knocker and bloomed right there. i know God's knocking, and i hear Him. Time to start blooming right where He finds me.

Before i left last night, the pastor's wife asked me what size tshirt i wear? You see, awhile back i offered to help the lady in arts n crafts with VBS. i was really excited because that stuff is kinda my thing ya know? Later, the pastor's wife told me that they actually have alot of help already in arts n crafts but she was concerned for some of thee other areas that they didn't have enough help in. I told her whatever she wants me to do, I'll do. That I'll just show up, and they can just point me in whatever direction is needed. Deep down, i was kinda disappointed because I know arts n crafts is one of my gifts and I was looking forward to helping out in that department. But God kinda took me by the shoulders and said, "WHO are you wanting to serve?" "Me, or you?" -- sorry Lord! I was wanting to serve Lea again, but I really want it "your" way!!! If they ask me to wash dishes I'll happily wash dishes with suds up to my elbows! I'll dry, put away, sweep the floor and take out the trash! I'm your girl Lord, and I'll be wearing my "large" vbs tshirt with a smile!

Like the morning glories; i'm reseeded, revived, and once again plugged in.
Hopefully, i'll start bloomin
right where i'm planted.


From the Heart said...

I am so glad the revival was what you expected it to be. After my surgery in 2007 I went back to church for a while when they were having a 3 pm service on Sunday afternoons. That was great for me, but then it got canceled and the big church just wasn't the same anymore. We had a new pastor. So we didn't go anywhere for quiet a while. We've started back and things are so much better but we didn't get to go yesterday. It was a sad day and a happy day. A lady who taught me to drive died last week and her funeral was yesterday. The man she married had been married before (and so had she). His first wife died almost 30 some years ago. When we got to the church all of his children were there whom I had known since they were babies. Their Aunt lives in Alabama and she and I have remained friends for many years. In fact I called her last week to tell her about the death of the lady who had married her sister's husband after the sister died. Then I found out that my friend and her husband had come Alabama for the funeral. She has a really bad back and has to lay down in order to travel. I was so glad to see her. We went out to eat with them after the funeral and then went to her niece's house where they were staying. We had a joyful reunion. They left this morning to go back home. The day wore me out and it was almost 11am before I got good and awake. Isn't God so good to us?
Also when my husband and I got married I had a friend who had a very small child. He became attached to me and always called me his "honey". When my husband started coming around he did not like that at all. He was very upset when I got married.

Well he was at the funeral yesterday but I didn't see him and he didn't see me. As he was leaving in his car he happened to see me and stopped and came in to give me a hug. He said I just had to stop and get my hug. He is a really sweet boy. He's married and has children and he and my husband are good friends now.

Hope you have a good day.
Luv u,

Laurie Ann said...

Great thoughts, Lea. Serving God and not man...may my heart be so willing to bloom where He plants me.

An aside...we have volunteer morning glories. I don't know where they came from but they grow every year by my carport. At the house I lived growing up they came up in the exact same spot by that carport. A coincidence? I think not.


A full circle
OH good girl (:) I am glad for you

Yup~ a bubble bath please (:)
Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts with us Lea.. Love the messages you leave..
big hugs, Patty

Chatty Kelly said...

Oh Lea, you are a beautiful blooming gal! I admire your submissive attitude toward God, your husband, and even your pastor's wife. You are a beautiful blooming gal girlfriend! Keep shining for Jesus!

Barb said...

Appreciate what you shared Lea,
on your day,
barbara jean

Denise said...

So happy that the revival ministered to you my dear friend, love you.

Bliss said...

I love Biblia Escuela!
Actually...rather than working at it, I've been acting as a bus and picking up scads of kids and taking them back.
I've always wished for a rocking chair just to sit and hold and comfort hurting kids who come. You know many of them have *sadly* issues from home...and are just so happy to be smiled at and listened to. Aww man. Got a kleenex? It's over there by that AMAZING glittered bottle...

Verlene Brooks said...

I'm so glad the revival was refreshing and uplifting! I love the morning glory bloom on the door perfect and what a great reminder! - verlene

MAXIE said...




Yolanda said...

I see little tiny hearts all over YOU!

Debra said...

I need a box of kleenex here! I've been catchin up on some of your lovely blog....the dirty feet man just made me cry. And Lea, the heart you have-it IS transparent-it has been. Sometimes our 'glass' gets a little dusty-but when we have that day to day relationship with Him, and a DESIRE to be changed-He Will DO IT!!!Your story hit home, because I have been on both sides of it, and all I want is to truly be transparent also, and a reflector of Him.
I just love you, and what you are doing here.Love your kids, family, home, ducks....speaking of ducks. May I please copy your duck pictures to my computer? I really NEED to make a hairdo duck. They are just sooo cute!! They look healthy!!
Well, just had to say howdy, and tell you again how very very blessed I am to know you.
Love, Debra

Tracy said...

Your humility and servant heart never fails to humble me, dear one. This post touched me in more ways than you can imagine.

Bloom away, girlfriend. Something tells me you're going to shine forth no matter what you're doing. God is going to bless your efforts and your submissive heart...I just know it. = )

Great, great post! Love ya!

irene said...

Lovely Lea....I planted Morning Glory for the first time this year, now every time I see them (or get annoyed by their rampant spreading in my garden) I'll smile, think of you and how God wants me to bloom where I'm planted and then reseed all over the place :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Beautiful words, Lea- sounds like the revival was wonderful....
I love the saying "bloom where you are planted" and would be a lot happier if I could remember that daily!
Thanks for sharing your heart!

From the Heart said...

I know you think I'm awful. You asked me about the blue bird you saw. Last week my husband noticed two blue birds sitting on our blue bird house so they must be having some babies. The male blue bird had the same colors as yours did. My husband said they've always looked that way. The male is usually the best looking one. Sorry I forgot to tell you. I wanted to get a picture but the bird house is too close to our back door and I was afraid to open it and scare him away.
Maybe I will get another chance.

Hope your doing okay.
Luv u,