Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Blessing A Day.... Challenge

Greetings and Holykisses,

This past week, I was challenged to be a blessing to at least one person every single day. I can't tell you how marvelous this week has been, by simply putting this challenge into practice. Once I started, I found that I didn't want it to stop! It's definitely something I'll be very mindful of from now on to continue every single day. And-- it also gives me more reasons to find myself sitting in this chair more often than I already do. lol

Once I made my commitment to God and asked Him to show me who to bless, I kept finding interesting people in my path and my mind flooding with ideas of things to do. Talk about taking an ordinary day to an extraordinary day!

Here's my Friday Tique n Flea find, all full-a- buttons! Some of you wrote me and thought I should make this "vintage curio" home to both buttons and books, but you've never seen "the buttons." heehee I've been collecting them since the Lord turned my world purple, and then a few months ago, I was blessed by Mike's Auntie, who gave me Grandma C's button collection! If you're wondering how the Lord turned my world purple; you might like to read here!

I cleaned, sorted and rearranged long into the night last night. Addie and Francoise stayed by my side to the finish; although they did sack out on me! After all that dusting and cleaning, I coulda laid down beside em. lol
Least I'll beable to find supplies faster now when I'm working on something!
Speaking of which, think I'll head back out there and find my way back to my little perch.
I'm working on a button card with scripture, transforming a flowerpot from the Salvation Army, and a tag Shabby Phyllis sent!

Have fun being creative if you too are inspired to begin the Blessing A Day Challenge.
"Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31
and "Encourage one another day after day." Hebrews 13:3

Have a great sabbath!


Denise said...

You definitely bless me everyday. I love you.

BECKY said...

I'm sure you have just blessed some people's socks off, gal!! Just reading this is a blessing to me! I strive for this, too, and spread a little joy every chance I get. It is so much fun, and never loses the blessing for the one giving the blessing either!!

You're a sweetheart and an inspiration!!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!! We are just chillin and it's great!!


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis,
Hugz.. aww your furbabies look so comfy there on your floor lol. I have your lydia Jar on a special shelf in my living room where I see it everyday and think of you!!!. I have been collecting buttons and boy have been having fun. Hope all is well and I think encouraging someone a day is a true commitment of Love!!

Luv ya Lorie

Yolanda said...

Lea, You are absolutely one of the most creative women I have ever had the privelege of being friends amaze me.

My hubs said the paiting of rr ties wouldn't work due to the creosote. drats.

I noticed your lovely bulletin board, would you tell me how to do that?

Love YOU!

Angela said...

God has been placing my heart to do the same as you have been doing this week....and I'm spurred on now to walk in it...Proverbs did that girl...Thanks SO much for sharing and for inspiring me.

From the Heart said...

You are a blessing all the time and busy as a bee.
Hope you have a great holiday.
From my heart to yours,

Tracy said...

What a beautiful idea! I love it. You my friend are a sweet inspiration. I try to bless others I come into contact with on a daily basis with a kind is fun and always blesses me in return. Your challenge will have me be more intentional than usual this week. Thanks! I loved that you showed us your little shop...beautiful and very inspiring! I love the way your curio and that button jar...WOW! Heaven. (Your furbabies look so content.)

Love & hugs,

The Patterson 5 said...

Thanks for the encouragement! You are a blessing to me as well!


Oh Lea Love your craftroom and doggies(:) so sweet..
Farah was on MSN for me...
Is your wb L- web buddy Lea?LOL
big hugs- have a fun day..