Friday, April 24, 2009

~ReaL Life Is Messy~

Greetings and Holykisses,

Isn't this warm weather and SONshine incredible?!
I've been mowing up a storm and the weeds are flyin! But I'm no where near finished, and I still need to clean the potting shed, and weed a huuuuge railroad tie flower bed. The wooden walk-in gates to our fenced in yard, need a fresh coat of white paint, as well as our picket fence. A brand new gallon of paint awaits. The picket fence is made from treated wood and over the winter the paint soaked in, leaving an ugly green tint.
After it's all repainted, it will be time to repaint the pipe corral! Yeehaa... it's never-ending around here.

With all that said, what vision does that leave in your pretty little head? In all reality, things around me are at the moment, not picture perfect. Thee other day, when I shared with you our duck dilema... you know how you can lead your duck to water but you can't make her live there? Well, that day; I'd snapped some pictures of them waddling back to the barn. When I went through them, I deleted several ugleeee pictures. Pictures that didn't live up to my pretenses. The ducks were so "pretty" trotting up the grassy bank. But when they they got closer to the barn, my pictures showed a row of old vehicles, half belonging to customers, and thee other half-- are our own. (I collect buttons, Myguy collects vehicles!) Anyways, they didn't "go" with my pretty duck pictures. They didn't portray what I wanted you to see. Neither did our old, barn with the ratty old farm gates propped across the front to incarcerate our goat. The ugly gates that are held together with angels, and hay strings. No, "those" pictures I deleted!

Truth is my life is often plain ole messy! More often than not, when I take photos to share with yall, I have to move clutter from one area to another just to take a picture! Martha does NOT live here yall! There..... it's out. I said it! You know; I just love going to beautiful blogs and reading the lives of people and some are just.... amazing! I'm drawn to shabby chic.-- Love when everythings soft and beautiful, and white, crisp, clean, perfect. Ahhhhhh, I said the P word. -- Some of you people blow me away!!!! Perfect lives with nothing out of place. How do you do it?!!!
Tell me.... pray tell... how you do it all?!!

Our shabby, little farmhouse is olde, but love lives here. The carpets worn from years of kids in and out, in and out. The kitchen door's been slammed shut and later re-opened asking forgiveness. Tears have been shed, children were threatened within an inch of their lives. The hall way carried secrets of kids sneaking in and back out, and I pitched a few of my own hissy fits stomping down it! But these walls also heard more I love you's, hugs, kisses and prayers than it ever saw "other."

Grass and manure has been tracked in, and furbabies have pottied on the floor. My mirrors usually need windex, and dust often collects. The bunnies can grow to giant proportions under the beds! Pembroke corgi scratches are gouged in every exit to the great outdoors. Two bedroom doors have war wounds knocked in them from teenage brothers at battle. Door- jams proudly record growth to 6 feet tall in black magic marker. Knife scars mar the kitchen counter tops, when in a hurry to get supper on, the cutting board was simply forgotten.
And supper usually consists of hotdogs and Kraft Mac n cheese or Hamburger Helper! Nothing very fancy here! Once in a while the very same Cheeseburger Hamburger helper is forgotten and fuzzy green stuff finds its way inside the fridge. Opening the door to find it, you'll have to grope for it in the dark because the bulbs been out for years. And when something starts to reek in the kitchen, it's been known to come from a potato that went evil, or a mouse that ate dcon and swelled up under the stove or dishwasher. The bathrooms, ... ahh that's where we've really seen it all. I was thee only female in the house; use your imagination!* And where does all that hair come from?!!! The washing machine almost always has a a load or two.... or three.... laying on the floor in front of it. The dryer is often like a little chest of drawers just standing there holding our jumbled dry clothes that are wrinkled and forgotten. Out of sight out of mind.* The bed.... is the really weird thing. It's almost always made!! I just can't stand crawling into an unmade bed. Too bad the rest of life isn't so well put together. But it's not. It's life! And real life gets messy. Real life is not perfect.

I was going to share a picture with you today of my garden all planted and everything neatly put away and done. But it's just not done yet! This is how it really is!!! And me, I'm just as undone. No makeup, uncombed hair, faded tshirt, and baggy, holy jeans. Just plain ole me.

Martha doesn't live here. And I'm learning that it's okay! I really want to be a Mary anyways and sit at my Master's feet. Then, I'll finish weeding the flowerbeds, do the dishes, and hopefully get those wrinkled clothes out of the dryer!

"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."
Luke 10:41

Have a day!
Be real.


From the Heart said...

A place like yours is what makes a "home". You take the time to worship God, love on your children and yourguy. Those are the important things. We are all different. We come in different shapes and sizes, perfect and imperfect. And a true friend like you takes us just as we are and so does God.

Thanks for sharing yourself today. It is who you are on the insde that really counts. God looks on the heart not the appearance. We all have our imperfections but that's okay with Him as long as we serve Him.
Luv u,

Laurie Ann said...

Lea, oh, the lessons we learn. Our house is not perfect and the yard sometimes needs shaping up, but like you said, "Love lives here." That's enough. I was thinking about how I need to hire a housekeeper just to come in and do a major cleaning (I haven't been able to for various reasons: knee, flare up of chronic illness, watching grandbabies, working...) but it doesn't matter. Despite the fact that the baseboards need attention and the microwave looks like macaroni and cheese exploded in it, love does indeed live there, and I am so blessed for it.

Yolanda said...

Lea, I guarantee you that IF I could just come right on over, that I would be most at home and love very precious moment that I was there! So, come join me, grab that tea and your heart and lets just sit a while, in our "messy".

I love ya!

irene said...

Lovely Lea....I can totally identify with all of this....except the always made bed! My wise Mom always said that at some point a woman had to make the choice between having a perfect house or having happy kids! XXOO

Denise said...

Awesome post dear one. You described a home, a real home. I love you.

Debra said...

A beautiful mess-and what does our Lord see, when He looks at us?
We see the yuk-He sees His blood if we apply it-we are clean before Him!
I loved reading your post. I would be totally at home in your lovely, loved, doggy-chewed-the-siding home.
I've got to go and look at the ducks.
I love you too.

Debra said...

Oh those ducks!! I love "hair-do" with the puff! It sounds like the barn is 'Mamma Duck.' That's their secure spot. It may be difficult to convince them that they are ducks. (Have you tried quacking?)
You may have a group of permanent babies on your hands-but they sure are cute!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Lea.... I love your blog! You are so special. Thanks for making my day. Love, Janie

The Ballengers said...

what an encouraging post!!!! I think there's a lot of love in your home, and that's what makes it HOME. The truth is that no one has the time to keep everything perfect. My husband tells me all the time that when I view some very admirable person and look at something they seem to have PERFECTLY in line.....there's usually something else they're letting slip. We all have strong areas, and not-so-strong areas. I'm with you. I tend to have a less-than-perfect house which always seems to point a finger at me when someone just SHOWS UP at my door.....but I think I'll be glad when all the children are grown and gone...that the house wasn't my first priority.