Saturday, April 25, 2009

~Miles Of Clover~

Greetings and Holykisses,

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!
Our weather has been so warm and beautiful and I'm so happy I could just burst.
This morning, was spent at church as they were having a Health Fair. It was fun hanging out with everyone. I'm realizing how important fellowship is!!

This afternoon, I played all day long. The grass was all cut, house was clean; even all three dogs had baths.....-- Playday!!!!! Nothing, makes me happier than playing in the dirt. Other than praising my Lord of course.

Well, here's the vintage gate I found yard saling with Maxi thee other day! Finally got it planted! God is soooo good, coz I've looked and they're just hard to find. Then when you do find one, they're usually outrageous. This one was FIVE BUCKS! Thank you Lord!!!!! A Lincoln Star clematis is ready to to climb the post to the right of it. The yellow flowers in front, are Coreopsis. Today, I planted some salmon colored Glads. Hope they do okay; they were some puney lookin little bulbs. Time will tell. If they don't do too well, we all know the morning glorys will find their way to their spot anyways right? !!!

Remember when I told yall, that our highway has miles upon miles of red clover growing along it and when it all waves in the wind it makes me giddy? It's truly incredible. This evening, on our way home from a Wendy's Frosty break, we stopped and I picked a bouquet. ;) Isn't it beeeeautiful???????? Take a good long look! Now close your eyes, and just imagine it dancing in a breeze. Another one of God's masterpieces!
Mrs. Potter received flowers today.* There was no card. She said someone just left them on her doorstep. (She must have a secret pal.)

I tried to sweep the shed today but it was so windy, every thing kept blowing back inside. I decided to stop chasing after the wind, and plant!
Okay, so these look a little on the sad side. These are going to surprise you! Just wait! This is going to be our "before" picture. I dug them up from thee over-flowing flowerbeds. Then I cut them back to the root; watered, and now we wait! Are you patient? I hope so, coz they're worth it! In time, we'll come back to this picture!
This coffee pot, was found, the same day as the gate. It didn't have a lid, so I knocked holes in the bottom with an awl and transplanted a few of the same flowers as in the claypots above. Funny story: Long ago, I had an olde, enamel- ware coffee pot with holes in it and it was setting right in front of the potting shed. It was a little shorter than this one. I'd filled it with potting soil and planted a posy in it. The next day, I walked by and all the dirt was pushed up on top? I thought, "What on earth?" I picked it up and started to push it down gently and IT MOVED!!!
Scared me to death! My little visitor turned out to be a toad! I thought it was a snake for sure, but nope; squatty little T O A D. I took her out, and fixed my pot back up the way it was supposed to be and the very next day... it was the same ole way! She'd moved back in! So I forgot about my plant and let her have her new abode. Who knows? Maybe one will discover this little pot too if we set it out front and put a little rock up next to it for a ladder!

Have an awesome sabbath! The Most High God is worthy of our praise!

"Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love." Psalm 48:9

"Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord." Psalm 134:2

God bless yall!


Denise said...

Wow, such a great day you had sweetie. I love you.

Edie said...

Hi Lea! I love those flowers! I'm trying to get to having a little more play time too. Sounds like you're having fun.

Love you!

Tracy said...

What an awesome day! I had to smile when you wrote about the clover dancing on the side of the highway...what a sight that must have been. Just yesterday I was driving to my favorite thrift store and you have to pass a large farm. At the start of their road frontage, across their entire lawn were these small, beautiful yellow flowers...I've never seen them before but what a sight that was!! It seemed to go on for miles!

Love that gate! No doubt your flowers will LOVE it, too! What a great idea to plant a flower in that old coffee pot! Anxious to see what grows out of there...will it be a flower...or another sweet little toad? LOL

Love you sweet one!

Yolanda said...

Words can not speak of what I see in you and the gift you have of a green thumb!

I have something to tell you, YOU, and I'm just about to burst at the seems.

Lived on a farm all of my life until I went to college. And yesterday I was blessed to be able to watch and help just a tiny bit with handing things or picking up things, but I'm friends with our vet. He took me to the clinic as he & his wife performed a c-section on a heiffer that was aborting her calf. He had to put the calf down, and through all of it, I was so elated to be able to witness this. I'm still on cloud nine. While sad about the calf, thankful that he was able to save the momma instead of loosing both.

Can you believe it? ! !

Love YOU

godsown said...

Love your flower friend.
And what fun you had....

I had to answer still some q in your comment of this week...LOL
The days went so fast and i was in "midnight gear" and still had to wake-up for work thur and fri...

Yes....i LOVE this teasing of waiting for my.....BRACELET!!
It will be more special i know!!!

My son LOST the game with 3-2 but they improved in this revanche LOL
Because than it was 7-3 and this lub is 1st in their poul....

You know i notice your verses connecting with my thinking flow in my blogposts.....

Blessings to you Lea


Barb said...

Love you gate, and your story.
Just love the way you write. Period.

Also love, that in 1 sentence, you can make someone feel so special.

"You're my little favorite birdie", was the comment on my last post. =0) Thank you.

Blessings on your Sunday.
Off to church.

Barbara Jean

From the Heart said...

I love reading your post. It's like reading a book, you can't wait until the next chapter. Everything is beautiful. You are so good with flowers and everything. I can see why you love the outdoors.
AliceE. :)

Bliss said...

Oh that gate! Fit just perfectly? Or did hubby plant posts too? Can't wait to see it with Clematis :)
And whats in those pots...tap,tap,tap...not Hens 'n Chicks...not Rose Moss...GARLIC??? Hehe!
Love the photo of the bunny and the red clover!!!!
Guess who's pastor gave his notice yesterday? :( :( :(

Sweet Magnolia's Farm said...

Lea ..that gate is just wonderful ..I love it because it's the larger double size and you got a Deal for sure ..$5 bucks is awesome ..generally those larger ones are even more because they are so hard to find Glad God Blessed you with the desire of your heart!

Your Garden is coming along beautifully !! I love your garden shed ..and Miss's Potter is ever so sweet and what a wonderful secret admirer she has ..!!!

Thanks for sharing your picts ..I enjoyed them immensly ..

Sara of Swee Magnolias Farm

Barb said...

We could use some prayer here.
A 15 year old boy, and friend of ours, took his life last week.
It was totally unexpected and a shock and heartache to so many.

Please pray as we all process this.

Barbara Jean

Debra said...

Oh Sweet Pal, Your gate is awesome!!
And Mrs. Potter is behaving herself these days?! I LOVE that clover too-it's a different kind than we have here-I can see why it would make you dance. Everything looks so nice in your garden-thanks for the tour!
Love, Debra