Saturday, December 20, 2008

~When Shabby met Chic and Theatre of Dreams~

Greetings and Holy Kisses Yall,

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago... I was selling some of my extra buttons I didn't need on Ebay. A woman named Jan bought a tin and asked me if I'd do her a favor. She had purchased these buttons for her dear friend Betty, and wanted to give them to her as a gift without Betty knowing it. So, I wrapped her buttons up in style, and sent them to Betty; but my return address of course was Arkansas so Betty was completely confused when she got her box of buttons in the mail.

Meanwhile, Jan and I kept emailing back and forth and a "friendship" sparked. What a blessing to have met "Janie" from California. To add extra sparkle to this "friendship," I started sending
Betty secret Pal notes. Little notes and joybuzzes in the mail from me to her. On thee other end of the spectrum, Jan and I kept emailing back and forth and had lots of giggles over Miss Betty who just could NOT figure out "who" in Arkansas could be sending her things? It was GREAT fun!!! But Betty.... didn't just leave that alone... she started writing me BACK! ;) HEHEHOAOAO Soooo another friendship sparked, and the three of us became friends. One sweet day, Janie shared with Betty who I was, and how we all met. And we've lived happily ever after,.... as friends ever since! It's been AWESOME. We've never met in person, but I know one fine day we will!

This past week, Janie sent me some pictures of her beeeeautiful house. I asked her if I could share them at the Shabby Olde Potting Shed and she happily gave me permission! WhoooHOooo! Yall, Janie, is Victorian, she's fancy, she's CHIC!!! -- I, on thee other hand, am shabby. Funny how well shabby and chic go together! WONDERFULLY! ;) Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us Janie girl!
It's beautiful!
This is where SHABBY met Chic! haaa
This is part of Jan's snowman collection. She favors "Cody Foster" snowmen and .... now has me absolutely hooked! I love them too! She told me to look at Bayberry Cove, so if you too just went, "WOW... I gotta find me one," .... google Bayberry Cove. I apologize for this because... heehee I know you're gonna want one too. LOL I think this could be a new addiction. I love them!
This is Janies bedroom. Isn't it beautiful? I got a kick out of the primitive santa... I'd forgotten that I made that for her a couple years? ago I think. Janie's been wanting a "featherweight" sewing machine really bad. So I sewed one for her. You can enlarge the photo to get a look at it. I made it out of muslin and painted it, and made the prim santa too. -- I love that flower spray above her bed! Janie- sweetie, that santa doesn't exactly "match" with your decor.. heehaoaoao.. I hope you just threw him on thee bed for a photo? LOL Very sweet of U!!!!!! Another reason Why I love your friendship so much... !
OHOH... here are a few more snowmen. Hey; there's thee ornie I sent her this year, in thee hand of the snowman in front. LOL I love the pointed hat on the snowman in the back row. And check out the red buttons. I forgot to mention .... ahem.. Janie needs to go to AA- Apothecary Anonymous. LOL She has More beeeautiful apothecary Jars in her home than you can imagine. She loves to tie tassels on the tops and she fills them with gobs and gobs of buttons by color.
God forgive me, I'm so jealous.
Her mantle. SEE WHY I'm jealous... I just can't stand it. LOL ahhhh... too cool. She also has lots of ROSE paintings... you know: CHRISTIE REPASY!!! Yes way Jose. I told you Shabby met Chic! I'm not sure if the one above her mantle is Christie's but she has several Repasy rose pictures, I know. Maybe' she will comment on this blog post to tell us if it is or not.
sigh* Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Oh, I didn't tell you that she has incredible collections of McCoy pottery, and also antique and vintage teacups, and chocolate pots... and .... Oh ... those will have to wait for another day... But look at the cute collections here... and that chandelier with all the Christmas balls hanging down... clever!!! (I'm turning green)
Oh yeah, and then there's that other thing... she has all these cloche jars. Ya know: bell jars?
Shanda, I think you'd like these... -- what do you think of the vintage bambi... or the gorgeous Christmas balls in the crock bowl? Are yall drooling like I am?
I love the marble tops, and the plates are incredible. What I really love is the little paper banner that her santa is holding... I might have to make one of those... It's on ribbon and I absolutely love it.

Now, are you ready for my REAL SURPRISE? Yesterday, my phone rings... it's Janie. Yes, Janie from California and she's close to hyperventilating on the phone. Guess where she'd just been? To artist Wendy Addison's shop, the THEATRE OF DREAMS!!! I am so serious!!!!!!!!!
I have seen Wendy in books, I've went to her blog.... my favorite book other than the bible is "Jo Packham's WHERE WOMEN CREATE," AND yeah; Wendy's Theatre of Dreams is in there too.
She has all these glittered BIG LETTERS... that spell things like DREAM, and .... ahhhhh you know how glitter just sparkles and makes everyone so happy? Wendy is so creative, and makes thee most incredible sparkly creations. And Jan was there. JAN WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FOR REAL!!!
She even got pictures of her and her hubby "The General Lee" with "thee Wendy Addison." I have pictures to prove it but thought I better not post those without Wendy's permission of course. But I am posting a couple pictures of Janie outside of the building! whooHooOoo

This is the shop. I love to make the picture larger and look in the windows. heehee See the cute skeleton key in that door? I LOVE SKELETON KEYS. My heart is pounding so hard lookin at those green windows and door.
Here is my cute friend Little Janie. Isn't she adorable? STANDING BY THE SIGN: Theatre of Dreams I'm turning greeeen again Janie. Happy for you though!!! So maybe it's not jealousy but plain ole envy. heehee I'm so happy you shared it with me though! With all of us!

Janie said she bought me something in the shop that Wendy made herself, and even autographed for me! whooHoOoo I can hardly wait to see what it is, and I promise, I'll take a picture and show it to yall as well! I'll try to not knock my sweet UPS man down- Janie when he brings my package!

Amazing how God brings people together huh? I can't wait til the day I one day meet Janie and Betty for real! That day will come... I've never been to California, but I will! God willing anyway! Janie promised me we'd call Wendy and go by the shop when I do! Can yall just imagine that? Ohhhh ..... I could go on that thought for a loooooooooooong time! ahhhhh
Thank you sweet Janie for sharing your beautiful home with us, and your fabulous trip to the Theatre of Dreams. I've been visiting Bayberry Cove and drooling a little over there too. Sweet stuff! Thanks for pointing us in the right direction Janie!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday! I am just finishing up my last little "love gifts." My present for my daughter in love... that's from me to her. And, shhhh don't tell... I don't think he'll read this coz he has a lot goin on right now but I'm making a little heart box for "Myguy" too.
I'm filling it with "HOT TAMALES" COZ he loves them, and he's "my" HOT TAMALE! LOL
(he'd probly *blush* if he read that. lol I'm going to write little love notes inside too... and you can just wonder about that! Some stuff we just can't blog ya know. heehaoaooaoao

Have a glorious day!


Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

What beautiful decorations!

Kristi said...

Yes, her home is beautiful and beautifully decorated for Christmas! Thanks for sharing her home with all of us!

lydia's mom said...

OMG, Lea, I am so honored by your blog about me and Miss Betty. You have truly blessed OUR lives! Thank you so very much. Yes, that is a Christie above the fireplace. God Bless you MY FRIEND! Jan PS: Lea is the one who inspired me to collect buttons :)

Chatty Kelly said...

I truly love when God puts people together this way. I have quiet a few bloggy friends that have become close friends too.

Tis a blessing!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Are you kidding Janie, it is "I" who am blessed that you and Miss Betty are my friends! It's a definite GOD THING that we met... -- and I JUST KNEW that was a Repasy above your fireplace. WOW! That's a big one!
Your house is beautiful, but *YOU* ARE beautiful INSIDE AND OUT Janie girl...
I'm so blessed to be your friend.
Thanks for sharing all these pictures -- YOU-- have blessed the shabby olde potting shed. ;)
May your CHRISTmas be FILLED with the Love of the Savior!

Edie said...

What a beautiful house and what a beautiful friendship! I love the secret gifts and letters. How fun!

Denise said...

Such awesome decorations.

MidniteScrapper said...

Miss Lea! This whole post just had me smiling and laughing from ear to ear...or maybe laughing and smiling ear to ear. Anyway, I am a grinning fool. Loved the pics of your friend's home, all the neat things she has (I too have a slight "problem" with the apothecary jar syndrome...ehem. I have some buttons that I just cherish that belonged to my great grandmother...I will have to take pics to show you one day. What a lovely friendship you've made with these ladies. How bless you all are! One day you will have to come to California and scrapbook with me and make cards and alter fun objects and, and .... =D

The Ballengers said...

just had to say again that I love your blog, and you....Merry Christmas!