Monday, September 4, 2017

September Day 4 Bloomers and An Awkward Wipe Out

 Mary Mary quite contrary 
how does your garden grow?
-- This is my end of season garden-
Photo taken a day or two ago.  
This is how things look around here when 
you've grown tired of weeding.

Have your way little morning glories! 
Cover whatever you like... 
Just be.
Last but not least 
is this little rose of Sharon;
taken for you right after my hard landing.

I'd just taken Aspen Rose outside with me and she 
is ... well; built like... a tank.  She came running in my direction
and knocked me right off my feet.
I was standing in front of a customers truck parked next to our yard and
quite honestly;
must have looked  like a deer hitting their grill.  
Thankfully no one was in it or I would have had to take a bow
I have a black and blue elbow and 
red shoulder to boot.  
Thankfully I didn't crack the grill or hurt the truck.   lol 
Funny; I've heard of dogs knocking you off your feet
but never had it happen til today.
At any rate... this bloomer is for you.
The black and blue elbow is a bonus.  :P

Have a good evening! 
 Leaon Mary


Terra Hangen said...

Oh dear your poor black and blue elbow amidst your pretty flowers.

Jean said...

Oh Lea that is something else!! What a fright you must have gotten. I pray that your bruises heal quickly and your shoulder.

Thanking you for sharing a picture of your garden and rose after all that happened to you. Bless you dear friend.

rebecca said...

I'm sorry to read of your "wipe out"! I kind of imagine you'll discover a few extra sore spots in the 24 hours following...

Your bloomers are so sweet ♥

Hope your Tuesday is peaceful and slow enough to allow for mending. (We're looking forward to spending some time with my sister and brother-in-law today.)

Leaon Mary said...

Hi Terra!  Thankyou for stopping in and sweet comment.  
I think what got me more than anything crashing as I did is the realization that I don't think... I would have probably fell like I did back when I was younger.  Maybe so but ... the older I get.. the harder I fall. lol  Oh well... it's life right? Just gotta learn to laugh at myself more maybe.  Hope you had a good weekend... Fall is in thee air!  Lea  No pun intended

Leaon Mary said...

Hello Jeanie!
Thank you for stopping in! Oh goodness girl... I tell ya what... this whole getting older thing.. is hard to get used to! I bruise easier and this skin tears easier too. Whats up with all that mess? haha Course you're still 28 or so ... you prolly haven't experienced any of that yet? giggle snort.