Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 2017 Day 28 New Study

Today was day one for a new bible study.  
I've had the book  awhile and hadn't started it and then discovered 
it being offered online through Lifeway.  
All you have to purchase is the book, and then the online videos that go with it on Lifeway are free
when you sign up.  
Thought I'd pass this along here 
in case someone's interested but never heard about it.  
I was so happy to get a message from a friend just today that she started
too- now I don't feel like the lone ranger.  
Let me know if any of you are going through it.

Have a great night,

1 comment:

rebecca said...

Looks like a GOOD one, Lea!
Is it based on a Bible "book" or topic?
(I guess I'm too lazy to google it!)
The photo of your open desk warms my heart♥
Be blessed, my friend.