Friday, September 22, 2017

September 2017 Day 22 Wonder, and Photo Quote

Hello friends,
Today I finished Volume 1 for my grandgirl.
I wasn't prepared to sit and cry while writing her story- but yet..I did.
So much gratitude welled up in me and  spilled over.  
I think it was the  wonder of it all?

  I take this baby bloomer to the garden often and rattle on about every flower, plant and weed
that we see.  She understands in smiles and jibberjabber.
As I wrote this page to her, I remembered my own Grandmother.  
She gave me a love for flowers and gardening too.  
I wonder... if being a growgirl can be passed generation
to generation. Time will tell. 

It's weighed on me to get her first full year recorded.
And today... it was finished! 
Volume two begins.  

 It will be even more fun now just keeping it up to date.  
More wonder to look for.
Which leads me to a picture quote to share:
The photo is of this  yellow garden spider that built her beautiful web right in front of the greenhouse
this week.  I have to remember to look out for it and not  run into it when I come and go.
Spiderwebs are so intricately  made and  well... they amaze me.  
Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.
E.B. White 
Charlotte's Web


Jean said...

This little one is sure going to be a growgirl!!! Those little fingers holding the petals!!!

Recording "minutes" is so awesome. I love that. Thank you for sharing Lea.

When I am out walking I will be thinking about you two garden girls picking flowers and pumpkins. yay!!! Happy Fall Days..

Leaon Mary said...

Oh I hope so Jeanie...
AND hope we'll be punkin picking too... they're not doing that great really. eek. Need rain really bad. Happy Fall to you and Ghyllie!