Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 2017 Day 19 On The Journey... Picture Quote

It's the 19th already- I can hardly believe it.  
In just three more days it's thee Autumnal Equinox-- 
I know many of you are cheering and have been counting down
the days to Fall as well.

Today's photo stopped me in my tracks; literally.
(No pun intended)
Crossing these tracks in my Jeep, ... this  beautiful present moment
inspired me to pull over and  get out and take this picture.
It was just one shot.  
And it was such a  beautiful day. 

Not long ago, I mentioned how I wished  I could just fast
forward to Fall, and a wise friend who I've never met said she too loves Fall but she didn't want 
to wish away the days we have now.  That's not how she put it but ..in 
my heart that's how I heard her.  
I got it
- totally.
Because EVERY day is a blessed  gift.  
And none of us are ever guaranteed another one,
or Autumn for that matter.   

The quote I added in of our journeys here reminds me 
that our every day..  is part of the journey.  
Every moment... just like now.  

Leaon Mary


rebecca said...

I DO treasure each day for what it is....finding it almost unbelievable that we're so near official autumn of 2017!

Jean said...

Lea, I love that we can share journeys even thousands of miles apart, we can share moments of our days. We had a beautiful sunset last night and the squirrels had obviously made the most of the sunshine as there are lots of chestnut shells lying beneath the horse chestnut tree that I walk past. There is a chill in the air and the weatherman said we might get our first frost!

Thank you for sharing your photo and that special moment. YOU are amazing.