Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 2017 Day 16 Plants Have Stories Too

 It was a productive day.  
All the morning glories in this part of the garden are gone!!!.  
There's tilling to yet do but  the hardest part is all over.  
Myguy had the day off and helped  finish clearing all those vines.
It went so much faster together!! 
I'm sooo thankful.  

Then, we  started moving  hydrangeas that had to get done before some major
work starts on the back wall of the  house. 
First he cut the branches  off with a chainsaw and 
 we must have had at least two truckloads.  
 Then we wrapped a  chain around  the bushes and pulled them out
with the bucket on the tractor.

 After getting them out, we carried them up to my Mommas
olde place and used the backhoe to dig all the holes to replant.  
The rootballs were pretty huge.  

It's funny how plants are for gardeners.  
--You remember where you got them.
Who gave them to you... and 
how old they are.  Well; for the most part.  

One of these hydrangeas came from our neighbor.  
When they go on vacations she often asks me to come feed her animals and 
check on things.  About ten years ago, they were going out of town and she had me over
to tell me what all to do.  She lives  on her Papaws homeplace and
Papaw's hydrangea bush  was in full bloom.  She told me to help myself
to bouquets from it.  So... I did!  I cut the flowers as well as stems with
just leaves and put them in an antique fruit jar.  The day I decided to throw 
them out, I discovered the stems without the blooms had started to root! 
Beautiful little white hairy roots!  I didn't even know hydrangeas will "start" like that.  
So I pitched the dying flower blooms and kept the stems going in water and later planted them. 
That sweet gift from my neighbor  grew into my row of hydrangeas.  

I have one different type that was in the same row.  
I bought it online in memory of my angel mother.
It's white and is called the snow queen.  
My Momma once won a snow queen pageant  in her younger days--
so you know how it is in grief.  It was one of those things I just had to have
because I was missing her so much.  
When we dug that hydrangea up today it kind of broke in two so one piece got planted
up at her place and the other half we moved to another area of our yard.  
I sooo hope they make it.  
I watered them really good and mulched heavy with old hay.  
Now we wait and see what happens!

Well; it's late... so I leave you with a cool quote on today's 
"Normality is a paved road:
it's comfortable to walk, but no
flowers grow."  
Vincent Van Gogh 

Sweet dreams!
Leaon Mary

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Jean said...

I love that your hydrangeas are moving and settling in. My angel friend Georgie had a gift of being able to nurture plants and if I took her flowers she'd always be able to get some roots and plant them out, she was amazing. I know that you mean about the plants having a story and a meaning.

Lots of work but it is always lovely to come visit and here how you all are and your everydays.

Blessings and Joy.