Saturday, March 11, 2017

Giving thanks In All Circumstances

 Hello friends,

It's  sleeting and snowing some here, and while there is not supposed
to be any accumulation ; we're  supposed to get a  hard freeze.  
So this afternoon, I found empty flowerpots, and buckets and covered my Momma's 
peonies that are already several inches tall.  I don't know if it will even help- but ..  
I'm  hoping and praying for the best.  
Will we have pears this year?  Peaches?
I wonder?  
Some of our strawberries already have little blooms, and the greenhouse without a door-
well; I'm sure the pots of  Dianthus are feeling very cold and neglected. 
Should have brought them all inside but the dirt is probably full of ants. 
I really don't want to worry about any of it... although if I'm writing it...
you can bet I really do care.
--At least the vase of paper flowers above are safe and sound!
They were a sweet surprise sent in  the mail from my dear niece!   
Her talents never cease to amaze me.  

Well something besides a hard freeze has been consuming my thoughts.  
Out of the blue this past week; while working with his Dad-
our eldest son started having stroke -like symptoms.  He's just a young man?
Myguy rushed him to the ER... and they did a cat scan and 
admitted him over night.  After 4 hours? he was feeling  better.
He got out Sunday, and was having a pretty good week but
then it happened again; only more serious this time.  
We've been scared to pieces.  
They sent him by ambulance from our hospital to Little Rock for two days 
doing tests.  We literally camped out  on the floor at his bedside.  
 In the middle of the night we found this lobby to stretch our legs 
a little.  We were the only ones there.  No wonder; was cold as an icebox,
so we went back to his room.  Isn't it something how if you watch 
a clock ... time goes so slow?  
Finally morning came.   
The sunrise was such a welcomed sight.  
That beautiful Sonlight lifted morale.

Our son's tests all came back clear which was an answer to prayer and yet...
we still don't really know or understand what the heck  is going on? 
If you are a believer please would you pray for him; it would really mean alot.  

It sure felt good getting back home.  
When he came to work; I kind of found myself wanting to just hover.  
Throughout the day, I kept going to the shop checking on him.  
When something goes wrong with your child no matter what age; it can sure 
put a Momma in a tailspin.  

 As the day went on; I discovered this  floral box.
The David Austen roses came!  
You're supposed to soak the roots over night before planting.
I did that last night but today with the weather as it is;
I brought them inside.
 They're in our bathtub but bathing in this old washtub... just treading water til they meet 
Arkansas soil.  Yall know I have to get rabbits now.  
Gertrude Jekyll needs at least one Easter bunny.  

I sign off tonight with my supper samich.  
I just had to share with yall.  
A friend of mine shared the  recipe on Facebook and it sounded so good
to me that I made a special trip to the store for the fixins.  
Myguy had to work late so it was the perfect night to give it a try. 
I'm tellin ya, he  wouldn't touch this thing with a ten foot pole.  
Maybe one of you might like to try it though?

Avocado Egg Salad Recipe
7-8 hard boiled eggs
1/4 cup mayo
1 tsp lemon juice or lime
2 Tablespoons minced cilantro
1 teaspoon kosher or sea salt to taste
fresh cracked pepper
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin and 
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 medium large ripe avocado chopped small
serve with crackers or on bread.  

..When I was growing up I don't ever remember seeing an avocado in the house much
less ever tried one.  But recently I bought some and it's been true love.
Today was my first time to ever buy cilantro, or Dijon mustard, and cumin.
I've decided to start branching out and trying new foods and recipes.  
This one; is a keeper and a sharer!
I'm thinkin the herb bed needs to make some room for cilantro. 

Thanks for stopping by the potting shed,

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Dawn Dutton said...

Hi lea, I saw the same recipe and thought about trying it.
I love avocados too! I eat them on salad or on my sandwiches a lot.
I will have to try the recipe...
Have a blessed day.