Saturday, February 4, 2017

February Photo Challenge Day 4 Pink

Prompt: color Love. 

PINK. My Grammy was the pinkest woman I've known and not in the girly girl way. She had a pink cabin at the lake, with a matching pink honeymoon cottage out back. The hideabed we kids slept on in the cabin was pink like insulation and itched like it too.  She gave me a love for gardening ; especially growing flowers. Pink peonies from her grave grow in our backyard and I treasure them. Most of all I treasure that she always told me about Jesus. I didn't understand back then but she was planting and watering seeds in me too. I love you Grama Ruby.
 You were good good good.
(Good good good was her "thing" to say.)


Tins and Treasures said...

Greetings, Leaon,
This is such a sweet post about your grammy. It sounds like she was a special woman. Treasure your memories of her. Take care, ~Natalie

Dawn Dutton said...

Oh Lea, You are such a wonderful writer of memories....
You will be a wonderful granny just like her with Blakelea.
Hugs, Dawnduttonalloneword.

Jean said...

Our Grammies were great teachers. I have my Gran's precious.