Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Garden Planning and Making My One Word Visible

Hi friends!
It's been a while!  
Thought I'd jump on here and share
a few things.  

It's been absolutely beautiful today.
The dogs and I went for a walk and it had been awhile for that too.
We need to get back in the groove again!  
As I headed for the house, I noticed Francoise was not keeping up which
is unlike him.  I turned to see what he was doing and he was bringing up the rear but
definitely limping.  I told him to stop and I walked to him to see what happened.  
I couldn't tell what was wrong with his paw so carried him up the big hill  back home.  Finally discovered the poor little
fella had quite a briar thorn stuck between his toes.  
I tell ya what; carrying an extra 25-30 pounds uphill bout did me in.  
Reminded me of a time I carried his Dad up that very same hill long ago.  
What we do for our furbabies huh?  

Back at home I found myself  in the garden.
I keep winding up back there, and scratching my head; trying  to figure out what to do about fencing?
I just cannot make up my mind?  Part of me wants to put picket fence up around the whole
thing but that sure makes it harder to turn around with a tiller.  
Also I have got  to get seeds ordered that I want to start early inside.

 Walking around the garden I found several new sprouts happening.
These bulbs, 
some garlic,
and the fennel is coming back as well.  
Boy does that ever get my heart to pumpin!  

 I have about five big hens and several little roos turned out today.
All the others I keep locked up because of  the hawks. 
They don't seem to mess with these big hens?   
Having the big girls free range; I tell ya their eggs are just beautiful.
I used their eggs in another chocolate buttermilk cake and blonde brownies yesterday as well as Myguy's breakfast this morning.  
Those bright orange yolks....  Happydance!  
Speaking of happydance; 
had to share a pic of this Roo today.  
He's half frizzle, half quail Antwerp Belgian.
The sunlight had him all lit up. 
And those curls!
He just knows he's the man.   
Then there's this olde gal.  
She's an Araucana who honestly I can't believe is still kickin.
She's always gimpy and yet year after year keeps on a goin.  
Had to laugh when I noticed her shadow this afternoon and remembered this 
Swedish Proverb.  Because when I'm feeling chicken to do something sometimes the fears
seem bigger than they really are.  

 Enough about shadows.
How about some light?  
I've been looking for new ways to bring my one little word into my space-
where I can see it often and think on it more.  
 I hope to hang it on walls, 
wear it, and journal with it too.  
This is a sheet of acetate type stuff with  my word and anchor verse printed
on it.  I laid it over a piece of pink card stock to better see it.  
Soon it will get cut and taped into a journal page....
 Probably this one:
Recently I got this new tn with special Christmas money.
It's from Foxy Fix and I had my word embossed on the cover.  

 A  little star on the spine too. 
-And I signed up this year for Ali Edwards  One Little Word 2017.
I preordered an album with them  to document everything.  
I wish I would have done that with my previous words.  
Just having it all in one place would be pretty cool.  

Well I've gotta get some supper going but wanted to leave yall with 
a scripture picture.  One of Myguy's friends gave him a huge bale of wheat straw and 
the hen I shared up above kept getting in the bale and kicking out the seeds to eat.  I shoo'd her off
and seeing the pretty stalks; decided to make this bouquet to bring inside.  

Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest 
if we do not give up.  
Galatians 6:9  

Goodnight all,

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Jean said...

Hi Lea,

Happy hens!!! I love to hear about happy hens. I always buy free range eggs, always ensure they are from happy hens.

25 pounds is quite a weight to carry!! I can imagine you would've been tired when you got back. My Ghyllie weighs 14 pounds and I couldn't carry him very far.

Thank you for sharing and brightening our days. xo