Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 20 Togetherness Trumps Biscotti

 Today's plans changed.  
The biscotti ...didn't happen.
And the last wrapping of gifts; 
that didn't happen either.

Instead; this afternoon I got a call from my hunny saying
he didn't know what I had planned but he was swinging by the house 
to load an old junk brush hog that's been laying around  and 
he was driving a load of scrap to the recycle place.  
" I didn't know what you had goin on," he hinted.
"Well, I've got a lot of wrapping to do and more baking to start," I told him.

After hanging up; it wasn't long and I heard that big 6.0 Diesel pull in 
the long driveway.
You know what?  Wrappin and baking can wait.  
I'd rather spend time with my guy. 
So while I heard him loading the junk out there with the tractor,
I hurried up and took the dogs all out to potty and put them in their pens.
Then I grabbed my coat and him a diet coke and me a coffee - and a couple 
M and M cookies for the road.  
Just in case he finished before me I sent a quick text:
Hey don't leave without me!
I'm comin!   
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He likes when I sit right beside him in his truck,
and I did. 
It was  a great afternoon together.
Side by side, smack dab in the middle of an ordinary Tuesday;
munching on cookies and the day just became..
It was good to get the load of scrap gone too.  

Marriage is a gift.  
May I not take him so for granted 
in the days to come.  


Anonymous said...

Amen Lea, I can relate to this....we mustn't take for granted. I am all for the ordinariness yay!!

~Bless You Both and thank you for sharing your day. Love ya.


rebecca said...

Marriage IS a gift.
Thanks for the reminder.

Dawn Dutton said...

What a sweet day!