Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 2 Joy I Dreamed of....

 Getting the text:  Hey, could you watch Blakelea for a little bit? = JOY  
for this Grammy.  And later after she fell asleep cuddled up in the elephant rocker with me;
I grabbed my phone to take her photo... then flipped the camera around 
to take one of us together.  That's when I  noticed the  JOY behind us.  

It wasn't too long ago I  used to dream of this day.  
It was starting to seem like maybe it would never happen?  
Then just before Christmas last year; our Tony and Michelle called and said they were coming over.
They wanted to give us a present "early."  
??  Oooookay???
When they got here they both seemed different? 
We talked for awhile; then they gave us a box  to open "together."   

This was inside.  
It took a minute for it all to ...register.  
What happened next is kind of a blur... but there was hugging and laughing
then crying... and  hugging some more.  
And everyday there after we prayed for them. 
It became a ritual we did every morning  to pray for them before Mike went to work. 

On the day they would go find out if it was a boy or girl; they invited me to come along.    I'd never even seen an ultra sound  before; because when I had babies they didn't even do that then. 
But what joy and  honor for me it was to be asked to be a part of that special moment.  
--To see my new grandbaby squirming around inside her mommy.
--To hear her heart beating.... and that beautiful  news  ...
you're having a  "girl."  

From that moment on she also had a name:  Blakelea 
(-spelled like your name they said.)    
Already I felt such a connection with this little one.  
The months  passed and finally came the day she would enter the world. 
Standing alongside the  other Grandma to be; we tearfully watched 
our children bring their own child into this world.  
This heart had never known such a joy and love. 
May I never forget that beautiful and amazing  moment.     
Tomorrow, will be four months since that day.  
I'm so thankful tonight for this grand girl and her wonderful Mommy who
have given me so much joy in my life.  
Joys of  sweet friendship and unconditional love.  

Thankyou Lord for these gifts and so much more...
thank you for my every thing.  


Anonymous said...

Oh Lea, what a wonderful photo!!
Thank you for sharing and what a treasured moment with your beautiful grand-daughter.. awww....she is AMAZING and what a precious little bundle to have as we go through Advent.
Sending HUGS. Love ya


Debra said...

Oh bless you, and your sweet you dear one....

Leaon Mary said...

Hi Jeanie! Thankyou for sharing this JOY with me!
Yesterday I felt so emotional gazing on that wee one cuddled up in my arms...
God is so good and I'm thankful we're going through advent together Jeanie~! xoxo

Dawn Dutton said...

What a great photo.
Your post has really touched my heart.
Hug that baby for me.