Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 10 So Long Myrtle...

She was worn out.
Overworked; used and abused.
Rode hard and put up wet.  
But we loved her.  

 An 8 N Ford tractor called:
 One eyed Myrtle.  
She was held together by angels
and baling wire.  
And I do mean that.  
 This was a few short months ago ...on her last
run.  She could barely move today... when we loaded her up on a trailer and 
 said our goodbyes.  
So long Myrtle... 
We'll remember you forever.  
I watched as Myguy drove her to her new home
and she layed down right there. 
(yes really) 
 Then moments later; Myguy came around the corner guiding a forklift 
with a new brush hog to load on our trailer. 
It is such a blessing to get some modern equipment on our place.  

Hopefully they'll run a good long time.
They sure don't make them like they used to that's for sure.  
It's rather strange having something with paint 
and shiny?
Myrtle didn't even have brakes anymore.  

I found this picture today that I took of Myguy in the last couple years.  
We'd been; I think riding motorcycle  and he was wearing this  tshirt that one of our sons had given him. When we got home he'd decided to brush hog my walking trails and didn't take the time to go change clothes.  When I went out there and 
saw him drive by; well,  it was truly a Kodak moment.  Those wings.  See: angels really did hold Myrtle together a long time.  <3 nbsp="" p="">
So Long Olde Myrtle.

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Anonymous said...

It is funny how we get attached to our machines isn't it! Love the pictures.
Coincidentally we were at the grocery yesterday (Sat) and saw our old was a Ford too. Oh I loved that old car for the memories and yet we were told at the garage it wasn't worth fixing it up, it would cost too much. Looks well cared for...I am glad.

Thank you for sharing Myrtle....

Jeanie x