Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Need To Weed ... and Tidy uP

Hey there friends,
Hope yall are havin a good weekend.
I'm fixin to head out and try to make a dent in the weeding department.  
It's abit overwhelming at the moment.  

You know how it is when you plant and gotta wait til everything is up so you can tell what's what?
Then it rains, 
and you can't till coz it's mud.  
So you wait... and just when you think you'll till... something comes up and 
it rains... 
and you have more mud.  
Before ya know it... your garden looks like this.  
The weeds have a runaway... and before you know it...
they're taller than what you planted.  
Can you see tomato seedlings in this mess?
Well they're there.  
Little baby towmaters.  
I have a row of larger ones but these were all planted from seed.
It's gonna be some fun weedin. 
At least this chirping might keep me company.  Every birdhouse around has 
chicklets I think.  
Most have already learned to hush 
when I come close.  
But on this particular day... these lil guys were so hungry because I'd been out here so long.  Their  
lil  Momma flew off to watch from the tulip tree.  
They'd start chirping their heads off and she'd do her Momma scolding from above.
I think it was something like "Yall hush now... don't make me come down there!!!!"- in 
English Sparrow.  
This butterfly house is ready and waiting right below the sparrows and 
those pretty sprigs of Fennel will hopefully lure the caterpillars in.  

A few years back, I planted a whole row of red-tip Photinia for a screen basically
from the road.  I like the peace and quiet in my garden and for years these 
bushes provided privacy as well as home for many birds.
Unfortunately for the last three seasons they've almost all but died.  They have a horrible fungus
and after this Momma Blue Jay is finished raising her brood; all these bushes are going to be
uprooted and taken out.  It's gonna be so hard to see them go but it's gonna happen.
This is what they look like from the front.  You shouldn't beable to see anything through them.
They've fought the good fight.  Soon however, we'll tie a chain to each one with Buck the farmtruck, and pull them out by the root.  They need to be burned and I'm gonna scrape up under neath them as best as I can and burn all that too.  Then, we'll be putting up a wooden fence here first and when that's done something new will get planted.  To change it up even further; the fence may get put up in front of the truck to give me more garden room.  The truck will still get planted back there somewhere but won't be seen anymore from the road.  I'm kind of excited to do something new and have all that new fence to plant around.  Both sides!  
 Earlier this morning when I opened up  the greenhouse; I glanced over 
and saw Ophelia the cat standing right below the turquoise birdfeeder.  And a bird was on the feeder.  
I called her... and she was frozen.  
Not a whisker moved.  The bird didn't either.  
Then a little wren looking bird landed on the platform feeder and they were just oblivious to 
the cat statue.  ?  
I ran over there and just before I got to her she lunged and darn near caught the bird on the house feeder.  Then she went for the other one ... and I had to grab her by the tail.  
She's spending the afternoon in an old shed.  
There's mice in there so she oughta be quite happily hunting still.  
I love this cat but... love birds too.  
What are ya gonna do.  
 Back to the greenhouse;
--Finally got the yellow knock out rosebush planted out front. 
Still have the cleanup around it to do.

 And this is more weedin. 
 Somewhere in that mess ...
is a stand of zinnias.  
I can't see them can you?
 All of this needs to go somewhere too.  
 I'm about to run out of pots but 
these two chairs will be flowerpots.  
 This is the only one I've  gotten  
done this Spring.  

 One of the other  things on my to do list was to get Urinah Mariah here out of the 
potting shed.  Mission accomplished; with no casualties.
Last year she became a gigantic wasp nest inside her.  
Ohmyword... it was bad.  
I knew I needed to get her out of there this early spring, or the same thing would happen
to her.  So today... as terrifying as it was... i grabbed her and headed out the door.  Thankfully
she only had mud dobbers inside so it wasn't too bad.  No spiders in her clothes either. 

 This one went out in her place.  
She's covered in  burlap and has no holes to nest in.  
Haha waspers.  You can't have her.  
And she's stayin.   My cowgirl hat may be another story though.
Last year I grabbed it to head out the door of the potting shed and thank God 
I didn't just pop it on my head coz it too had a wasp nest in it with red waspers
that came flying out at me.  
This year I'm gonna hang some paper bags like they say to do and see if that helps. 
Supposedly; (hear my scepticism)  wasps think it's a hornets nests and steer clear.  I'll be surprised if it works but hey..
I'll try anything.   

 I leave yall with some  rose blooms from a tree the kids gave me 
last Mother's day.  Tony planted it in this wooden pot and it's doing really well 
on the porch.  But I better get the gloves on and get after it.

Have a great weekend...
xoxo Leaon Mary


jean aicken said...

It's nearly bedtime here Lea and I am visiting the shed before I hit the hay.

I love hearing about your garden adventures but I can imagine it can't be easy keeping on top of everything, lots of work goes into keeping a garden. I love your roses and their beautiful colours and those little baby birds are just gorgeous in their turquoise home, I pray that they will be safe. Also praying that those wasps won't bother you this year.

Have a blessed day dear friend. Love ya

Sue Neitzel said...

Had a beautiful weekend, got a lot done outside and almost took care of the weeds. Now days of rain coming in, will have to stay on top of them! Love all your goodies you have about, I must come see your place one day!!!

Jill said...

Love the pictures of your baby birds, so sweet. Lovely garden too! I have done 3 chairs with the flowers inside, it is such a neat idea, I think I originally found it on Pinterest. :-) We just moved out of state into a new home so no garden together here yet, but can't wait till I do! You have a lovely blog, I enjoyed my visit. Have a great day!


Fran. said...

LOVE that bottle tree still!! XOXO Love Fran.

Joy said...

Funny about Uriah Mariah, I thought to myself, "I like her outfit, wonder where she gets her clothes?" haha. Thought they were your clothes and I was going to ask you where you shop.