Friday, February 12, 2016

When You're Feeling Frustrated and Don't Know What To Do....

Listening to others this week, 
I've heard fear....
I've heard worry.
... and  much pain.
What if's get big in our heads and 
course right through our minds and down 
into our bodies.

My friend Cora has often told me,
"Just do the next thing."  
Whenever I'd have a heavy heart and didn't know what to do... 
she'd say "Pray about it, and 
just do the next thing."  
Trusting Him---
Believing He will take care of you,
Because you know He says He will.  

I know today; my problems seem small compared to what some of my friends 
are walking out.  But still; I know God knows my thoughts,
my cares, concerns and He has a plan for my life.  
He has a plan for you as well.  

So today; I pray that whatever you're going through... you remember
to walk by your faith; and not by sight.  No matter what things look like,
just trust Him.  Talk to God about what's on your heart... 
and as I know my friend would say, the next thing.  

Love Leaon Mary 


Denise said...

great advice sis, love you.

Mokihana said...

Thank you for this... it was perfect for me today.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is hard to know what to do at times and it is hard and frustrating I agree. I have started going through Holley Gerth's book again What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, cos I wanted to have a study for the period of Lent.

Thank you for sharing Cora's words Lea...she is such a blessing.


Leaon Mary said...

It's great seeing you again Mokihana.. this afternoon I caught up on your blog awhile and tried to comment but not sure if it let me or not. I so enjoyed the road trip!
Denise.. love ya too girl... and yes.. I find Cora's words to do the next thing something I think about so often. Jean.. I have the same book... you're inspiring me to pick it up again... Lent would be the perfect time.... Thanks yall for visiting... blessings to each of you.

roxie said...

a beautiful word....I too, know so many going through a rough time....I desire for God to use me more than ever...God is our only hope, refuge and strength! I personally have known a lady for just a few short years...She is in a dark place, much depressed. She doesn't believe in God and was raised that way too......My heart goes out to her...I pray for her. I learned it isn't me so much me speaking about God but my actions and her seeing the miracle God has given me with my health. She can't come up with a scientific answer and I know the Holy Spirit is working. You are such a blessing Lea....I may not comment every time but I always read your posts~~~hugs, Roxie