Thursday, February 11, 2016


Is it just me or anytime you read the word "hello"
do you now hear Adele in your head...
She seems to be everywhere these days... 
even small children are belting out her
lyrics with gusto.
It's addicting... 

Told yall I was going to share rocks with ya.
Well; least I was when I went to put my groceries in the Jeep today.
Plumb forgot all about them;
When it's warm out and we've been Jeepin riverbeds I usually can't wait
to add them to flower beds and around the goldfish pond.  I guess the 
chilly weather has kept my "want to" dampered. 

Least finding rocks in the Jeep wasn't  as big of a surprise as the  day I ran into Walmart only
to discover I still had coat pockets full of farm fresh eggs.  
Guess they  couldn't have arrested me for stealing since most were 
 banty eggs, and green Araucana eggs.  
Don't think you can get those at wallyworld. 
But still; good grief.  

It's about time for another evening walk.  

This is what our sunsets have been lookin like lately.  
In this moment ... like right here with the sun falling behind the trees-
I just don't want it to even end.  
Funny how once it does; the temperature drops all the more.
Then I'm ready to head in-
after putting the chickens to bed.
Finally bit the bullet and started taking Aspen Rose along with the other two.  
Now; they all know when I reach for my ipod and start putting it in my ears; it's time to G O.  
I guess it just took her a little longer to learn how to behave.  
Also; she's a complete opposite type of dog than the corgis.  
Aussies have so much energy ... she could probably make it to the Oklahoma border
by dawn.  She runs hard and is absolutely fearless.  
Everyday she swims.  I guess she thinks she's a labrador.  You don't even need a stick.
She just heads into the pond and starts dog paddling.  It's crazy.  
Never mind taking her fishing coz if you throw a line out... she'll go get that bobber; 
you can just forget it.  
Okay ... time to walk.

Thanks for spending some time with me at the olde shed,
Love, Leaon mary


Denise said...

hello my sweet sis, love you bunches

Anonymous said...

"Hello Lea"...I love your stones....makes me want to get out along the coast and look for some, maybe when it warms up a bit! I love your idea to put some round the fish pond. My Dad was a builder and he could build dry stone walls using all different shapes and sizes, it was amazing to watch. Thank you for sharing the beautiful sunset and the donks and Gracie clearly enjoying the grass, and Aspen Rose is growing up so well. I have enjoyed my visit as always and am so relieved we have communication again...Praise God from Whom All Blessings flow.


Rebecca said...

I ♥ the time spent with you, Lea!
Missing the outdoor times up here (guess I should get out more). I think that's what I like the best about your photos & recounting of your days in this post.
'Course, it's fun to chuckle, too - like over the eggs in the pocket...
Adele? I'm so VERY out-of-it.
Keep counting your blessings & loving Jesus, my friend. ♥

Leaon Mary said...

HelloOoOoOo yall... Jeanie I really would love to send you a ROCK from the potting shed. We'll have to see what "customs" thinks. lol They're so picky!!! Bet you're Dad's rock walls were beautiful; do you have any pictures?!!!
Rebecca, you wouldn't believe how your words "keep counting your blesings and loving Jesus" lit up my heart today!! xoxo THANKS YALL for spending your precious time with me.

Jane In The Jungle said...

I actually just bought Adelle today! And may I say you really have a pretty blog.