Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pullin My Hair Out...

Oh what an afternoon it's been.... 
Know how when you lose something and search... 
and search... and search some more and 
still; you can't find it??  

That happened to me yesterday.  
I was putting away dishes... and only had one of my kitchen aid beaters.  
Ohmygoodgrief.... how do you lose a beater?  It lives in the kitchen and 
never ever leaves?  Sometimes when you're looking for something you can look right at it
and never see it too.  Ever had that happen?  
 " ... Yeah... where are ya beater?"
(I may have said worse than that towards the end)
I searched every drawer... emptying them out... as I went 
because after the second time of doing this I wondered if maybe it was
right in front of me and I still couldn't see it.
Does that not sound crazy???  
I know ... 
I know!!!???
crazy was happening... 

The last time I saw it I had baked a double batch of Betty Crockers 
maple bacon cookies.  Sounds pretty gross doesn't it?
But I made lunch for the guys at the welding shop and thought they'd 
be amused to try them.  you know how guys are with bacon. 
And that my friends was the last I saw of it.  

The thought actually crossed my mind to blame someone.
Trent did you come up here and take my beater? 
(Sorry if you're reading this son... I knew you didn't... -- you wouldn't!!"
Must be the EVE in me to blame someone else. 
That's when it dawned on me... 
Could I have tossed it out... by accident?
I did that once with my very best paring knife.
I think it went out with the peels.  
(still not over that either.  My Momma gave me that knife!!)

I know I'm draggin this out... 
It's just that the frustration  was that real.  
I told Myguy about it last night and he actually had taken the trash a couple
times on his way to the welding shop.. so it really felt gone.  
Myguy said... "Well maybe it's time you get a new mixer."  

This afternoon I wondered  again... could it be in one of the bags of trash here?
So I swiped a pair of Trent's rubber gloves from the mechanix shop.  
Yes Trent I took your gloves... 
And went to diggin... 
If any of you were within a mile?... of here... you mighta heard me
when I saw this beautiful beater down  in the second bag of muck.  
Had to laugh as I retrieved it coz I just wanted to share it with the whole world... 
Just like the woman 
with the lost coin in Luke.  
Please someone rejoice with me!!! 

 It was such a beautiful day today.
Chilly but sunny and fairly still.
Myguy decided to do some brush hoggin.
The dogs and I went for a walk and I wish you could
have smelled thee air.  
He'd brush hogged blackberry briars and onions...
It was heavenly.... 
just like a summers day. 

Down in the woods I stirred up a huuuge bird.
It went up in a tree and stayed there watching me awhile.
Can yall find it?  --- an owl! Look in the  center of the photo
and look to the right.  Yep... that's it.  
Good eye!  
I tried to get closer but then it flew off deeper into the woods.  
Made my day though.  I love owls... 

Better sign off... 
I'm making Myguy one of his favorite suppers tonight.
Meatloaf hamburgs... mashed potatoes, green beans,
and white gravy.  Oh and cupcakes for dessert. 
We can't forget those. 

Alright... thanks for rejoicing with me.
If you've ever lost something ... then you understand,
I just  know.  (ha) 

xoxo Leaon mary


Anonymous said...

I know that feeling Lea. One time I lost my pinking shears that I had had for donkeys years and I couldn't find them and like you I searched everywhere. I gave up and bought a new pair but they weren't the same. Then two years ago when we got a new bed, my hubs was dismantling the old bed and taking the drawers out from underneath to make it easier to carry out and sure enough there were my pinking shears and yet I had looked in the drawers and looked so many times, I can only guess that they had been caught up between the drawer and the lining of the base. Anyways, I was so glad to find them again. Yay!! it is a good feeling.

I love the pictures of your walk, the light is beginning to change isn't it and here in Scotland 'new year' was originally on 13th January and the farmers say that they notice a difference after this date because it's so much lighter and the cows can get back into the fields again from the barns.



Fran. said...

LEA you are so cute!! AND you know how I LOVE THAT PICTURE IN YOUR HEADER!! Someday you have got to make cards out of them!! Just blank ones the picture says it all!!! LOVE LOVE XOXO oh n I love you too!!