Monday, December 14, 2015

When You Kinda Sorta Make Mincemeat by "fOrGeTTinG

I plumb forgot; I really did.  
Dec 13th's prompt was: mincemeat pie.
No thank you!!!
So how about a Little Debbie tree instead?
My family is all about those!!

It's after midnight and I'm sitting in front of the comp.  
How did I forget posting yesterday? 
Guess I got too wrapped up during the afternoon, making dividers etc. for my Kikki K.  
Then this evening; Myguy and I knocked out "almost" all the rest of the Christmas shopping.  
Can't wait to get everything wrapped and done.  
Then let the big baking begin!  I'm pretty sure, 
Mincemeat will never make that list!!!  

Anyone  else into these Little Debbie tree treats? 
This time of year I still like to give boxes of them to our boys.  
It's another Christmas tradition.  

I'm off to bed...
Leaon Mary xoxo


Anonymous said...

I am visiting the shed again this morning Lea and I can see that you are busy with preparations. Mincemeat pies are a tradition in U.K. and I can imagine it sounds rather funny, calling them mincemeat pies when in fact there is no meat in them. I like them warmed up in the oven and some cream of course.

Enjoy your day.


Sue Neitzel said...

I love those little tree cakes too, I tape them to the kids gifts! Merry Monday sweet friend!!

Leaon Mary said...

Sue I bet you're such a wonderful Gram!! I love love love seeing the pics of your grands on facebook. Jeanie... I'm CONFUSED. Your version of mincemeat pie... if it's all fruity sounds good but the recipes I've seen have venison, elk meat and stuff like that in them WITH fruit? I just don't think I could do that? I do however love chicken salad sandwiches with grapes and apples chopped up in it so maybe I oughta try it and see? Now if it only had chopped fruit in it I say heck yeah! Bring it on! But the meat part kinda throws me for a LOOP

Anonymous said...

Well Lea, I can imagine you would be confused....mincemeat pies!!!! but here in the U.K. there is certainly NO meat in them, only fruit and certainly being a vegetarian I would not consider them if there was any animal derivative in the recipe. Here we can buy the mincemeat in jars ready made for the filling or you can make them from scratch using sultanas, raisins, apple, citrus peel, etc. Jx

Denise said...