Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Keeping Calm Going Gray

Hi friends,
Today's Prompt is:  Keep Calm.
It wasn't hard to think of something to share here today.
My interpretation of that is ... Keep calm while going gray!! 
 May was my last professional haircut, and August; the  last dye. 
I up and quit cold turkey- the same way I quit smoking decades ago.
Myguy trimmed the ends of my hair for me  once but other than that; this is the grow out. 
And this  week marks the 4 month breakup with  Clairol Nutmeg.  
It's not been too bad growing out a short bob, and  people can now tell that "whatever this thing is she's doing with  her hair; she must be meanin to."
It's definitely definitely not for the faint hearted if you have dark hair. 
Coz your heart is on the line if you wear it on your sleeve at all.
(--  And I always have.)
It takes some grit because you definitely find people who want to tell you what you oughta be doing with YOUR hair.  lol  Surely you've all been there.  It seems everyone has an opinion about what they think you should or shouldn't  be doing.   
Now, more than ever; I'm learning to not care whether someone wrinkles their nose or gives that glance of 
Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd.
I just smile 
even through gritted teeth...
In all honesty; it's really not been all that bad. 
The photos here today were taken outside and I actually like how the light shows the silvers.  
It's the same way when I get out of the shower.  When its all wet, it shows more and 
it's starting to grow on me.  

Some people who are on this same journey say they don't like the white cap look.
But I'm  "deciding" to just embrace it.
Maybe as it keeps growing I'll get to that point where I just want to cut off the dark ends.  But I hope not.  Afterall, this is the very last time in my whole life that I'll have any dark hair.  Once it's all gone; it's gone.  

Some of you are probably wondering about the feedback.  
Two stand out.  The first one was about a month ago in walmart.  
As I came out a woman stopped me and pulled me to the side.
"Are you letting your hair go natural?" she asked.  
She sorta stumbled with finding the right words but I smiled and said, "Yes!!" 
Then she proceeded to tell me about her own going gray  journey and wanted to encourage me!
We seriously talked for nearly ten minutes!  
Before leaving; we shook hands and introduced ourselves.  
We've bumped into eachother twice since then, and 
she  gives me a nod of approval with a big smile-  like her thumbs up.  

Then there's the negative feedback.  
One was very recent.
Myguy; had been wanting to buy a new gun.  
So we went  shopping and were at a gun counter and a woman was helping us.  
She mentioned to me that she had just gotten her hair cut and I told her how cute it was and that I really liked it on her. I could tell she colors her hair.  -- We kept talkin hair but I  noticed she kept looking at the top of my head instead of my face.
So... I told her, I'm growing out my natural hair and that it's been almost four months since coloring.  That's when she shot  me the  big-eyed look of repulsion.  Then ...proceeded with a long rant telling me how there is nooooooo way in this world she would everrrrrrr do that. 
Yes and there was an emphasis on everrrrrrrrrr as in nevvvvvvver  
Thankfully we got interrupted.  
and surprisingly... I kept calm... 
But ... smiled through these gritted teeth.( haha) 
Bless her little heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...Several people have expressed their desire to me  in the last four months,
to also go natural.  
All I can say is it  all starts with the decision.  
You just have to decide to.
I know lots of women who love to get their hair colored and that is absolutely wonderful.  
I'm not trying to change anyone!  No!!
You have to do what is best for "You."  
Just like I'm learning to do what's best for Lea.

So yeah;..... do what's best for you.
Keep calm.  
Keep calm and let's press on.
Love, Leaon Mary


Rebecca said...

I ♥ you attitude, Lea!
Personally, I colored my hair ONCE in my entire life.
It was disaster.
I'm "going gray" myself.
SOOOOOOOO much easier AND less expensive!

Denise said...

I think it looks very pretty! I haven't colored my hair in over 2 years but I'm not all gray yet...what's taking so long?? Lol I also have a friend who is doing the same thing. She can't wait to go gray!

jean aicken said...

Bless you Lea for the way you deal with and keep calm when other people give "their" opinions on what you do with "your own hair".

Love ya girl!


Yolanda said...


Debra said...

Hello sweetie! Oh my heavens. The lady that ranted at you.....! I won't even go there!!!!!I'm 61, and do not dye my hair. I have just the opposite thing going on-I am not gray or silver at all. I have had people ask and not believe me when I tell them I don't dye it. I was even very hurt one time when someone in my family said very crossly-"You LOOK like you dye your hair!" (Was that jealousy, because SHE dyes HERS?)So people think I'm lying.
Funny thing-I was in Hobby Lobby recently and used the bathroom. The light must have been perfect over the mirror, because when I looked at my hair, I could see all these beautiful little hairs that were silver. For some reason, natural light does not bring them out at all. I stood in front of that mirror just lovin' all those pretty silvers!
I also am not cutting my hair-which we all know old ladies MUST DO! That's another of those HAIR LAWS.
Guess our hair will always be a hot topic, huh!
Anyway- I LOVE your hair and you look beautiful, and your hair IS lovely right now.

Leaon Mary said...

High 5's and knucklebumps to all you gals!!!!
I love your terminology "HAIR LAWS" Debra!! YEAH WHAT IS IT with hair laws anyways? Like really who gives a care about someone elses hair???!!! WHY do women ever judge eachother at all over looks especially? You'd think after getting put down a time or two when your young that you'd learn how stupid that is and hurtful and never want to do that to someone else?
It's bad enough being judged by men let alone we women oughta stick together through thick or thin. Just so's yall know... I LOVE YOUR SOUL!!! Lea