Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Photo Challenge

Mrs. Brimbles started her December Photo Challenge and I thought 
I'd play along this month.  Her prompt today is Advent,   
and while working in the barn today;
 I turned in time to see  Ophelia jump into the manger as if
 she too is  "waiting,"
I knew this was my photo for the day.  

While I believe Anna Brim's  challenge is actually through Instagram,
I clicked today without thinking and 
well... this is what I got.  lol
That's okay though... hopefully I'll remember tomorrow.
If any of you decides to join in... 
please let me know so I can see your photos.  

Until tomorrow,


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lea and thank you for sharing your photo of Ophelia in the manger. I shall join in the photo challenge although am not on instagram but will enjoy taking part anyway. Loving your new photos on sidebar. I always enjoy visiting the Potting Shed especially with those delightful lights to welcome, a super way to brighten the day.

Praying for our sister Cora; thank you for the update.


Denise said...

looking forward to your photos