Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day 27 New Studies and Soaking Wet...

Good evening friends,
Perusing the book store this afternoon I finally found some studies!!  
I picked up three by the same author and found an online one as well to start the new year.
Now to get journals ready and decide on a new 
one word 
and anchor verse to start 2016.  
I have the word but will wait to share it until the 1st.  

The forecast sure was right about torrential rain.
It's a royal mess. 
We're having a bad problem with flooding in one side of our barn and 
one pen of silkies have a creek running through their pen.  
I keep piling up shavings in there to give them something to stand on that's not just 
a puddle.  If it gets much worse I'll have to open the door and let them have the alley way
but I worry a predator could get them.  
Oh what to do? 
Bout like the olde woman 
who lived in a shoe
-had so many Roos she didn't know what ta do??
yep ...(that's me) 

 Think we've had about 7" so far.... 
This was the little creek by the park in Lamar today.
This was driving down one of the streets in town there.  
I'm so thankful our old farmhouse is on a hill.
Warm and dry... so far. 

Alrighty friends, 
Time to let the dogs out one last time and 
hit the hay.
Sweet dreams, 
Leaon mary


Anonymous said...

Hello Lea, glad you have found some Bible studies. Tis good to start another year with a new study. The rain has been affecting so many places. Where we are here in Scotland it has been dry, well we have had heavy rain but it's not resorting in flooding, maybe because we are on the coast. Towns in England near rivers though are flooded out and are being rescued by the army and volunteer services. The poor sheep too are in need of rescue, they are just standing on higher ground but surrounded by water and wondering what is going on.

I have started reading Beth Moore's Audacious which was a Christmas present.

Praying that you are coping with the flooding and that the chickens are safe and dry in their coup.

Love your new banner. Sheep may safely graze.


Fran. said...

Oh I LOVE Sarah Young I have her devotional book!! She's always spot on!! Hmm I wonder if your word could be anchor? That's a jazzy word and has a cool meaning!! THANKS so much for my sweet card and tea!!! I hope your Christmas was good we had an awesome one!! Lot's of family and my girl was home and is now gone!!! XOXO Love Fran.