Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 20 Glitter....

 How's your weekend been friends?
In just four more days it's Christmas eve!  
You excited?  
Last night my whole family went to a party together.  
It was so much fun.  
Especially when the 80 year old Grandma there nabbed the 
Craftsman screwdrivers when we all played dirty Santa.  
Every guy there was a real man's man ... who mechanics and loves tools etc... 
and lo and behold  the Grandma got the Craftsman tools. lol  
She reeeeally wanted them too!  
It was good food, good company, and made some new memories.  

So today's prompt is glitter... 
Glitter to me  is ... -well... it's like 
Craftsman or SnapOn to my guys. 
A tool of the trade.
Plus it  I like it!  Alot!  

Glitter takes me back to Valentines day... and making that special box to hold  your precious valentines.  There is no such thing as too much glitter in my book. 

Surprisingly enough; the  deer up above was glittered just today.  
Think I'll put a couple gluedots on him and just stick him to the wall near the 
table in this art porch.  
 When I first discovered mixed media art,
I went nuts for 
German glass glitter.
Alot of the German glitter  I bought on Ebay, has a very vintage 
patina to the shimmer.  
I started shaking it on everything.

 Having a fondness for vintage shakers and bottles;
the two just went together like 
peanut butter n jelly or 
salt n 

No matter if lids are a little rusty or
It just adds to the charm.  

Here are a few little bottles of new glitter.  
I haven't used the Martha Stewart ones much but the Ranger Stickles
is awesome.  No tellin how many bottles of it I've went through in the past.  

Last but not least is one of my most favorite:
A vintage jar of glitter.  Can't remember anymore where I found it?   
But it's such a pretty silver.  

Digging through boxes of vintage craft supplies in thrift shops is so much fun.
You never know what you might find.  
Bakelite buttons,  cards of mop buttons, sequins, 
I've even found really cool olde hatpins,
Tomato pin cushions too - which is another thing I've collected over the years,
But glitter I see pretty often.  
It's kind of hard to resist.  
It's like diamonds... but you know... for a quarter. 

Alright friends, 
time to get busy.  
There are little cakes to bake in jars today...
How will you be spending your afternoon?


Anonymous said...

What a party glad you had a fun time...and an 80 year old having fun with tools, how amazing is that!

Your glitter pots are so cute and the stag is handsome in his glitter antlers. I know what you mean about glitter, I have a card, it's a woodland scene and the snow has fallen and the glitter catches the light and shows the snow glistening and it's also on the tips of the leaves, it really looks as if it has been painted on, so unusual.

I hope you have a glitterful day and thanks again for sharing Advent so joyfully.


Anonymous said...

Co-incidence! I just watched a lady on tv making iced biscuits to hang on the tree and you'll never guess....she used edible glitter for the topping...yay!! how cool is that. Jx