Monday, October 12, 2015

Wearing Determination and Scripture Picture

 Hi Friends,
Quick post while I'm taking a break and drinking down a tall glass of ice water.

The last post was about keeping things real.  
It doesn't get any more real than this.
This is my real garden ... right now... today.  
After the actual garden season is done; I let everything go crazy and  wild.
The morning glories cover all the posts and it was pretty for awhile
But now it's a fright.  I really wanted to clean up  a month ago but
decided to wait longer til hopefully the chiggers aren't as bad.  
Today is the day!!!!!  
My pruning shears have been going to town on these vines and I've been 
pulling and pulling.  
 I keep finding beautiful dead zinnias to deadhead ...
seed galore!  That part is awesome.  

Every spring I put newspaper down in between the rows to keep the weeds out and
it works very well and lasts through the main season.  As you can tell now they've 
broken through.  I look forward to getting all of this cleaned out, mowed and tilled
under to winter over.  I'l take pictures when I finish too.  
It's daunting... overwhelming... but I'm determined.  
I can do this thing!
What's your daunting task today?
Did you have a frog to eat too?    
Well I'm gonna stick my earbuds back in and get after it.
I'm leaving you with a new scripture picture.  
 Love, from a shabby olde potting shed.  


Rebecca said...

My "real" is pretty much the same as yours. I'm still not able to maneuver well without a cane and it just doesn't work doing flower beds. Today, I did pick up about 1/2 a wheelbarrow of walnuts (small crop this year). But I just looked helplessly at the beds. I have no idea where to start.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

My daunting "real" looks impossible. My place looks like those scarey, haunted places where the vines take over everything and make creepy shadows!!!! I just can't do it either, like Rebecca above. Grape vines grow wild here in Florida, and they eventually take over, actually pulling down trees, etc. But to cut it now, the base of the vines are as thick as small trees!!! I don't have that kind of strength anymore. I think I need a "rent a goat" to eat it all away!

Denise said...

love you more and more my sis of the heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just knowing how much you have to do Lea....phew!!! Well I don't have a garden but I have been out walking and appreciating the autumn colours of the trees and wild berries.

I pray that you have strength to finish tending your garden and settling it down for winter.

Blessings x

Debra said...

Your garden work seems to be my life-at least lately. So much 'people work' in my own 'garden' though, and it is not at all pretty, and it is very hard work....But I have asked Him for help, and His joy will be my strength.

my little ✂ cottage said...

Lovely blog! blessings...

Terra said...

I came over from Denise's blog and the happy photo of your box of love. I save my zinnia seeds too. My back yard is rather messy but thats ok, it is pretty to me and the song birds like it.

Linda said...

Leann, I have never used ear buds, so I am not sure what they look like. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. I am a blogging friend of Denise. :) I do not have a garden, unfortunately, but I love to take long walks in nature parks and there are gardens there. There is one that has a large man=made pond with frogs and turtles. I can spend a while just sitting, listening and enjoying. I love nature. You have a lovely blog. :)

Linda said...

Oh, and I am sorry if I got your name wrong. Lea? :)