Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shorter Days and Embracing The Gray!

 Hi Yall,
It's officially Autumn now can you believe it?
 It sure doesn't feel  like it here yet,
but it's starting to get dark earlier. 
I drove the olde 66 to town for feed today and was sure happy to have those wing windows!  
It was pretty warm.
Some of you may not even know what wing windows even  are?  
Guess my age really is showing.*  
Olde Addies is too. 
She and I are fixin to go on our daily walk. 
I'm hoping the exercise  will help her live a little longer.  She's 
starting to get on up there; actually in dog years
she's older than me.  I'm 51, and she must
be 56 or 63. 
While I was thumbing through photos to go along with this post;
I found this one of her  in my Hobonichi....

 Thought I'd share a few sketches because some of you have written me
and said you really like the idea of documenting your days 
with a quick drawing.  I hope my simple sketches encourage you.
As you see from mine; you don't have to be great at it
to still beable to look at something and envision what was taking place.
I look at this one of Addie and at a glance ... I see my sweet girl.
When she's tuckered out she stretches out like that with both legs behind her.  
She almost always has a bandana on.  

Some of the sites and groups I enjoy I'm finding that sometimes
the simpler the  drawing; the more I kinda like it.  
There's this one lady who sketches her dog very often and she inspires me so much. 
She has developed this unique way of drawing him ... using so few lines and at a glance
I recognize her work.  It's pretty cool.  
Anyways, I encourage you to give it a try if you like to journal.  
No one grades ya, and you don't even have to show anyone.   It is so fun to look back at those days and actually
"see" what happened.  It really sparks memories. 

Here's another one from my month:

 As you can see I don't spend alot of time doing this... 
It's just something I quickly add to  journaling at the end of the day;
-usually in bed!  I use permanent ink in my fountain pen and a 5.00 
box of watercolors, paper towel,  and waterbrush on my nightstand.  
-- This brings me now to what it says in the picture.  
This journey has already begun.  
What journey?....
Well... I came to  a decision.
One most woman come to - eventually.
Keep dyeing  this hair or .... not.
And I'm saying goodbye "brunette" me...
5-6 weeks ago was the last time I colored mine.  
And the gray roots are reeeeally coming back in and...
I  love them!   
For weeks, and months I've been thinking about it.
So .... here's to embracing my gray. 

Looking back in my journaling reveals 
this  hearts desire.
One long grey braid. 
Yep; that's my goal.  

 No surprise that the new Hobonichi cover for 2016  I chose
has one long braid on the back cover.
Can't wait to start using it.  
In the long months to come...I look forward to adding new entries
of my Going gray journey.  
If you're someone who is interested in getting a hobonichi,
they just recently came out with their new 2016 line.  
I grabbed my two favorites before they sell out.
This is another new one.  
It's fitting too I think-
Because no more do I wish to continue
"trying" to jump through hoops. 

In one of the groups I joined of other women who are saying goodbye 
to coloring their hair; 
they encourage photographing your "journey." 
So this is my starting point.
Not the greatest picture because I have more gray than whats  showing. 
Myguy sweetly inspected my undergrowth last night and he said there are patches of all white
and patches of salt n pepper too.  So who knows what it's gonna turn out like once it's all grown out.
But I'm excited at this point.
So far, so good.
I'm going to "try" to let it grow out without cutting  any off except for slight trims.
Trims I'm hoping Myguy will do instead of going to the salon.
Yeah... I trust him.
When we were first married;
I cut his hair, he cut my hair,
and we cut the boys hair.  I'd just have him trim mine straight across the back.
He did pretty good.    
The money I save from now  on from dye and haircuts will pay for the girl 
I'm sponsoring in India.  I think that will also spur me on!  

My other vitamins are getting switched to prenatal ones.
Gosh it's been 30 years since I've been on those!  ha
It and the Biotin is supposed to help your hair grow.  
The purple shampoo is to keep on hand as it grows out to keep 
the yellow away.  Don't need it yet but I look forward to using it! 

This is Mr. Darcy.
He's  my new best friend 
to record all of this.  
The ups and downs.
The encouragements,
and everything that goes with "aging." 
Pictures included.  

I've been realizing how much we aren't taught 
 to age "well."  
Few talk about it,
share it,
and fewer still embrace it with gusto.
I want the gusto.  
And also hope to share what I learn 
for the younger ones in my sphere of influence coming behind us.  
That's okay for women  to get old,
and it's a  beautiful thing.  
(Have you noticed often in the movies if the man is middle aged
and has gray hair and wrinkles- he's handsome and distinguished... BUT if he has a wife,
she's often 
a much younger woman?) 
What a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(lol) Just kidding but it did feel  good spewing it!   
Oh and about the haha... that's another thing.
Laughter is good medicine- it's true. 
Having a good attitude and
being light hearted ... can sure help  many a situations.  
Back to the creativity stuff... - sorry about that;
I saw rabbits running and  hopped  down another trail. 

For those of you who enjoy doing something creative every day;
If you haven't ever checked out The Reset Girls Listers Gotta List... I encourage you to google it.
If you love stationery, scrapbook supplies... planners... listing... you might love this.
Cori shares a list of prompts every month that you can print off and list answers
every day. You can do it on sticky notes if you want to... a plain notebook, ... - they're no rules.
You can share it on instagram... or not.  
I've always liked scrapbooking but have a hard time keeping up with it all.  A 12x12 page is daunting to me and even the albums ... I don't even know what to do with them.
But this... for me is more do-able
and I love it.  I keep mine in a midori and like Goldilocks; the smaller pages are ... "just right."
This is the cover of my Septembers list.  

Sometimes I write out the answers by hand,
but this month so far; I've been doing them on the computer
and print them off, and glue em in.  
I've also been using a lot of photos I take on my Iphone and 
making collages of them on Picmonkey.  
It's a good way to record the little snippits of life!

 Addie and I better get on our walk.... 
Before we go,  I leave you with a scripture picture.
My friend Jeanie in Scotland took the photo while 
visiting a garden nearby.  
I believe this verse she shared with me  very much belongs with her photo,
I added it  in my hobo last night.   :) 
Thank you so much Jeanie for sharing it with us.
You are awesome!

Thanks for visiting the shed and spending your precious time with me.
Until we meet again,


Denise said...

thanks for sharing all of this, love it, and love you

Denise said...

can you tell me more about hobonichi, like where you get them? my email address is

Anonymous said...

Lea, you are such an amazing lady. I am glad you introduced us to sketching our days. It is great to be able to look back over a week of sketches and smile. Little Addie is so cute and faithful companion.

I take my hat off to you girl about growing your hair out and especially in sponsoring the wee girl in India. Little Pinky is in my prayers.

Have an awesome day.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I want gray hair! Even white would be nice. I'm tired of the mousey brown with the few patches of gray. LOVE your sketching!!!! What a beautiful way to remember our days!