Monday, August 10, 2015

Dear Momma... I Wish You Woulda Told Me "how" To Age Well

 Dear Momma,

I remember how pretty you were; 
young and old.
How you used to dip your finger in that green jar of dippitydo; 
then slide it down a bit of hair in front of your ears and clip those 
cute little curls; just like the rhyme
you taught me before you went "home."

...I remember the older I got...
so did you; always
30 years ahead of me.

You know Momma.. we talked about it so little...
But I watched you and I saw. 
The thing was-...I didn't understand yet?
The wrinkles... they were there.
The thinning skin... and things that hurt that didn't used to. 
The all white hair... fuzzy and rebellious.  
I can still see you roll and roll  that hair with your curling iron.
And after you left; I  kept your brush with the pretty white hairs still in it.  
I still look at it sometimes ... 
and touch the strands of glory.   

If I could ask you now... 
I'd ask... What was it like Momma?
Was it hard for you?
Did you still feel 20 on the inside like I do?
On the inside did you twirl?
When you looked at the younger gals did you wish 
...if only... at least once in awhile?
If only I could wear that little black dress... 
If only these knees didn't sag.
If only these veins didn't look like a map of Tennessee.

The gals  are dying their hair all kinds of crazy colors now Momma- 
you just wouldn't believe it.  Red, and purple... pink too. 
But this aging thing... it runs deep Momma.  Deeper than clothes, and makeup and hair.
I know you know 
what I mean.    
These hands of mine are a dead giveaway of this midlife thing.
They look just like yours.  
The dog; she scratched my arm a couple days ago and 
it bled like a war wound Momma.  
My skin it just tore ... 
it tore like yours did.  
Funny how no one teaches us how to do this circle of life. 
How this aging thing  feels and 
how to grow old gracefully?
And this crazy society Momma tries to tell  you that ya  have to stay young,
-be firm, unwrinkled; and we both know Momma; there's 
just no stopping it 
is there?
I've bought the wrinkle creams Momma- 
and they don't really work.
The hair dye; it colors the greys but 
after about a week... those grey hairs...
I can see them... even still.  
When I get up in the morning Momma...
I limp my way to the bathroom.  
I know now why you kept so many bottles of  ibuprofin in the house.  
It helps doesn't it.  
...I'm trying to get more calcium than you did Momma.  
The doctor told me your osteoporosis is 
something I could get too-  
a little further down the road.

Most of all,
what I remember best Momma was your smile and 
laughter.  I hope I get that too.  
I'm glad you shared alot of yours with me.  
The word says a merry heart is good medicine;
but  I know, you know that already.  
So that's what I'll hang onto today and all the rest of the days of my life
So thanks Momma.  I'm realizing now 
that you really taught me more about aging than I  thought.  
Love,  Leaonie

ps.  I still remember what you taught me ...  
There was a little girl
who had a little curl
in the middle of her forehead
and when she was good
she was very very good
but when she was bad she was horrid.


Denise Oldham said...

oh precious friend, this deeply touched my heart. this is so what I would say to my momma. your momma would be so very, very proud of you. I love you.

Dining on Delicious said...

Oh Lea, that was the most beautiful thing I've read in a long time!! I'm right there with you!! Switch to Aleve, one pill lasts 8 hours and it's not as bad for you as the others, easier on the tummy too!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh, dear!!!! I'm bawling! My momma died when I was eight years old, so I never had all that. The little girl deep inside of me still yearns desparately for it. The world is fast losing those great mommas like you had, Lea. We need to be aware of our responsibility to "age well" ourselves and be mentors and examples of what is good and right and everlasting. I'm so touched by this. I really needed to read something good and beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words Lea and treasured memories.


Debra said...

This post made me cry-but it was a good you!

Pamela... Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden said...

Oh, honey... honey... your words traveled through my soul!

I could relate to each word told... you are a phenomenal writer, artist & Godly lady! I find SUCH inspiration in all that you offer!

Love YOU, dearly & hope to meet someday... sit amongst the flowers, sip on tea & chat about days gone-by & days to come!

~Sincerely... Pamela