Friday, March 20, 2015

The First Day of SpRiNg!

 What a JOYful surprise that while I thought the first day of spring
would be another day of downpour...
the sun 
did shine 

Walking around the yard and garden.... I had to bring my camera 
to document this new beginning.
To my delight the wild violets; 
celebrated by blooming  their little heads off.
I love to share seeds and starts with people and these little violets
were shared with me in the same way.  It was probably two decades ago that
I bought a pair of rabbits from a lady way up in the mountains.  She and her 
husband were homesteaders and lived totally off the land.  
After picking out my bunnies; we walked around her place and she 
shared so many plants with me to bring home to my own garden.  
Her gift has been passed forward many many times now to my own friends 
and over the years I've kept moving  baby violets into different places
in my yard and they just keep spreading year after year.   

I noticed today the hens and chicks have faired pretty well in this giant iron kettle. 
Yeeeah I know; they need a little weeding.

 Speaking of hens and chicks; 
I turned about 6 chickens loose today to forage.  
Had to separate these two araucanas from the rest of the big flock
because they've started eating the eggs.  Ugggh... it doesn't take
long for the others to catch on how to do that either.  Later on, 
when it was time to go back to their pen, two roosters  were fighting.
That happens alot ... we just have too many roosters.  
  When I caught them; one threw his wings back
and gave me a nice fat lip.  
Wooped by a Roo.  

 Back around the greenhouse, I spent a good while
pruning the Lantana.  
I wasn't sure how far to cut it back so.. I just bit my bigfatlip and 
went to town with the shears.  
Looking up, I really need to do something with this Wisteria.  
Hear it screaming "Help me, I need some support around here!"
I didn't mess with it one iota last year for fear
it would hold it against me and not bloom.
You know how fussy wisteria is?!!!!  

 Well, I'm hoping letting it rebel like this ... will pay off with 
beautiful blooms come May.
It didn't bloom at all last year; 
- got froze out.

Two years ago it looked like this... 
so I'm.... hoping! 
 Noticed today my Momma's peonies have shot right up.   
I'm so anxious to see them again and get a lump in my throat anticipating
taking those big fluffy pink blooms to her grave.  Over everything in my gardening;
I probably dote on them most of all;
they're so special.
-- So is this little thing;
last year my Dad brought me a bag with two rhubarb roots.
I've never been able to keep it going here... and love it so much.
There is nothin like a rhubarb pie... or rhubarb strawberry jam.
(my mouth waters just remembering it.) - Anyways... this little rhubarb plant
is dear to me now too.  -- Do any of you relate?  
Well ... I'm off to  go "play."   :)
Lately I've been rather obsessed with planners, and things.
--I also joined 30 Days of Lists.  
This was one of the daily prompts.  I'll share it here since the prompt was 
"Cures for the wintertime blues."  You don't have to scrapbook anything- the whole
idea is to just "write" what comes to your mind... with the prompts.  I can't tell you how enjoyable
it is! You can do it on plain notebook paper, or stickynotes, or however you like.  Anyways, I'm glad I've been keeping up with it coz flipping through my little planner book and reading all these little things makes me happy.  It's a quick little thing to document.  Plus uses up those smaller pieces of scrapbook papers, and justifies the need to keep buying washi tape. lol  

Hope you had a wonderful 
first day of SpriNg!!!
Here's to another 
new beginning!  


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Yes, I do relate, Lea. Special friends of mine gave me a tiny rooted stick of wisteria. It's now looking like yours --- no place to go. I think sometimes if I get to close, it will latch on to me. Mine is blooming now in full force! We've had some 90 degree days here and they just popped out all over those bare vines. I think I'll trim it some after the blooms are finished. Sorry about the fat lip you got from your roo! Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

Trace4J said...

Thank you for sharing your Spring time,
Can't wait to play in the dirt.
I am blessed to have your hollyhocks.
Woolie Love Me

Anonymous said...

Friendship and plants seem to go hand in hand, remembering sweet times. I hope your rhubarb plant grows strong and you get to make a pie. Yummy!
Peonies are special.
Love seeing how things are changing in your garden Lea as Spring appears all around. Thank you for sharing your blessings.

Sue Neitzel said...

Happy new gardening season!!!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog! It's so soothing to sit with my iced coffee, read your posts, and look at your photos. I must admit I've even borrowed some of your decorating ideas. ;)
God bless you and yours this beautiful Spring.

Ginger Smith