Tuesday, January 6, 2015

So It's Been A Cool Week... in more ways than one.

 A new puppy will change your life. 
The sons are grown and gone; yet
you find yourself babyproofing the kitchen once again.
Those nooks n crannies where mouse spray foam leaked out of cracks .. 
Puppy will find that and never ... I say never leave it alone. 
Myguy cut a couple 2x4 pieces and nailed them up temporarily until
the new baby's eye level grows taller.  
Just when you think you got it all... she finds a new one and digs
until bits of styrofoam looking stuff is everywhere.  
Myguy screwed two little plates of steel in that spot under the cabinets.. an she still digs at it. lol  
Good thing we live in a shabby olde farmhouse that has sheltered five other puppies,
a baby goat, several  totes of baby chicklets, and a hen or two.  
Life is messy and you just 
keep cleaning it up.  
And repairing. 

The new routine has me housebroken..
but not her yet.  
The Christmas tree lights still hang lit on the house,
and that makes late night potty time a joy.
No need for an alarm clock; 
the yapping ... it does the trick and gets you out of bed.
Out early thee other morning I looked up and saw 
a setting moon dipping right into the woods. 
I was glad I had my phone to snap this picture.  
It was a moment.. I'd have missed if it weren't 
for an Aspen Rose.  

 We've been getting so many showers here.  
The creek is running beautiful and long walks
fill up more than just dry creek beds.  

Sunday afternoon we drove to Ft Smith. 
It was fun to get away for awhile.  
Myguy dropped me off at Michaels while he ran 
to Harbor Freight.  While I was in there; something scratched me
and looking at my hand,
 I'd lost a stone.  
Myguy gave me this ring in 1997.  
When we  married, we paid
60.00 for our rings together.  
A diamond ... just never mattered
to me. But in 97 Myguy surprised me
with this anniversary band.  
I text him from the store and sent a picture of my hand. 
I was just sick!  He was so sweet about it and said we'd get it fixed.  
When we got home I found my original wedding band but it won't 
fit my finger anymore!  Unfortunately that knuckle is getting big
and crooked too.  Part of aging I guess, or maybe  from getting  bucked off my horse
because  I think I broke the finger next to it.  ??

This afternoon I'm going to vacuum really well and who knows... maybe
the stone will be in the canister?   If not; I hope someone ... somewhere finds it
and that it brings them some joy.    

The picture of my wrinkly old hand?... 
When adding it here,
I  really really really wanted to you know; change it to 
black and white, or crop out my hand and show
just the ring  but ... 
I didn't because of my new year's goals.

 --The Week One prompts at Doc Life were  to use 
Book pages, and Document our Goals.    A few of mine are to
 Love more,
Learn for life.
Be happy in my own skin.  
(and that means happy in wrinkles, grey hair, thin skin,
blue veins, cellulite, batwing arms and God have mercy
whatever else is ahead.)
Be content with what I have.
Give freely
Keep it real
and Share my journey-
( whatever it looks like. )
 Wanting more papers to fill my pages,
I added more gelli print, and 
painted and stamped ledger paper.
Under that I wrote: 
 Follow Forward
I saw a picture once (maybe Pinterest) that talked about 
falling forward and I love that thought so much?
But I received an email through One Life Maps this week and in it
were the words:  follow forward.  
Following forward;  "that's" 
how to really live isn't it?!
Next is Take up your cross daily.
That's part of following forward too! 
Give thanks in "all" things.  (Not just when life's easy.)
do "today" 
 (not living in the past, or going ahead to the future:  "today!" Do today.
Choose Joy. 
 (Like the advice my Mil gave me once.)
Give grace.
 (Hard to do hanging onto  some anger these days)
Receive Love.  
( it's easier to give than receive sometimes) 
That's all I got on my pages but it started the year off 
recording on a positive note.  
-- I really thought twice about sharing my book today. 
But didn't I just write share the journey?  
Keep it real... 
Alright then.  
It is what is is.  
 I can only show one page of my doc faith journal.
I'd share the other side but wrote some friends birthdays down using
their full names on the calendar.  
 They no doubt wouldn't want me to share that.
  I learned from that too though.
I'll  record in code for the next pages.  lol  
This is the verse we were encouraged to focus on at doc faith.
I printed it off and pasted it to a gelli prints and it's 
tipped in  the moleskine.  
Don't you just love that verse in Jeremiah?

I leave you with this instagram pic of the sleeping beauty.
I was so hesitant to buy her this dog bed thinking she'd just chew it up-
and yes she chews on it some but she loves it!  
Hedgehogs too.  :)

Tomorrow she gets her next puppy shots.
They warned me when we first got her to be careful taking her places
because of parvo.  Hopefully after tomorrow she'll be good to go. 
I want to start taking her everywhere to get her socialized.
Besides; it's a jeep thing!

Have an awesome day everyone,


Rebecca said...

Sad with you about losing the diamond...Just a tad envious of all your artful talent...and affirmative of all those positive intentions and goals.

Don't let your heart be hardened, my dear Lea. Oh, and I DO believe that puppy is keeping you young :)

sweetvintageofmine said...

I know I say this a lot but I love reading your posts Lea....even if I don't leave a comment, they leave an impression on me. You are so gifted by God with your writing...my emotions are right there with you. Doggy-Aspen Rose? I think I got it right is adorable~~~My younger sister had one like her some years back...she was precious. I love animals but I don't have the energy anymore...down to 1 cat....Skittles-AKA...Mr. Pickles..AKA..Tank. Yeah, he has a few nick names. We are enjoying our first snowfall....2" so pretty! Blessings~~~Roxie

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

What is it about those little hedgehogs???? Buster still loves his, too! Love your journaling and your artwork, Lea. You wear your heart at the end of your paintbrush, for sure. And I sure love that verse --- just to now that the Lord has a plan for this year and that it's a good one. That just strengthens my heart tonight! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Fran. said...

Well hello my lovely Lea!! Today in my devotion book the verse Isiah 40:31 was listed. I was like I got it God. But I am in an Ok place right now and trying to help others I'll fall again but get back up!! I think there is a song about fallin forward I can't remember who though or the name of the song. lol. Could be Matt Redman or Chris somebody. Your new baby is so adorable!! Hang in there!!

Sue Neitzel said...

Oh Lea, so sorry you lost your diamond, remember when I did the same thing, I never found it, it's still in my flower bed but I have happy thoughts of someone finding it one day! I love the colors you use in your artwork, the blues and reds just pop!! I certainly know life with a puppy, we got so lucky, Ruger never did have a chewing issue, might have something to do with ALL the toys he has!!! Aspen rose is a doll!!

Anonymous said...

Lea, what joy I find when visiting you at the shed. Thank you for sharing your everyday moments. Little Aspen Rose is growing and I'm sure has you round her little paw already! They certainly do keep you busy. I can relate to how you felt about your ring, same thing happened to me, it's a horrible sinking feeling.
Love your journal.
Blessings x

Lea said...

Thanks for visiting frienda!!
Rebecca I really don't want a hard heart.. but I'm still mad. More time I guess...
Roxi, I laughed at all the AKA's of your C A T. Enjoyed my visit to your cottage yesterday!
Cora, those hedgehogs are just a dogs bombdiggity. lol I had to stitch one up to keep the squeaker inside a couple days ago. You know; a paintbrush with a heart at thee end would make a delightful page! Look what you started. lol
Hi Frannie,... love Isaiaih 40:31 and I kept thinking there might be a song about falling forward... hmm... I need to google that now.
Sue I'd forgotten about your ring! Ruger never became a chewer huh? Aspen Rose has a lot of toys too but antique cupboard legs are tasty she thinks. I hope things go as well pottytraining our puppy as it did for you with yours!! Ruger is a beauty.
Sheila I'm so glad you found your diamond! So far nothing here.
Did you ask about doc faith? You can type in documented faith on facebook or find it through the blog Homegrown Hospitality with Stephanie ackerman! Hope to see you there!
Jeanie you lost yours too? Wow... did you find it??