Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Leash 101 and Faith

 The Aspen Rose is ten weeks old now.
Last time I let her walk with me to the barn,
she started chasing the hens that run loose.
I called her and tried to
get her attention back toward me;
but she chose
chickens instead.  
In her rebellion
she seemed to  forget her name...
I know she didn't really; but
her desire was  zeroed in on
the forbidden.    
(I was so mad at her.)

So the next day, 
she learned Leash101.
The photo above is  what she thought of it.
It was an instant tug of war and more I think
with her heart than anything.

When we finally made it to the barn,
I tied her to a gate for a second so I could do the chores.
She was so mad and sat at the very end of the leash
almost choking herself.  
I kept walking to her and moving her in a couple feet to loosen the line.

She learned eventually; 
but pouted the whole time.

The next evening I decided to walk her to the pond and back 
and brought Francoise  to help her along.  
He ran free and she was leashed.  
It helped and he liked that he could get away from her
nippin and crazy herding madness.

Poor guy has been the babysitter alot  lately.
He has the sweetest nature  and I think  knows
one day he might "marry" her.
Have you seen how cute corgis are bred to a miniature aussie?
They call them augis. If everything goes right... we may have
a litter or two in the future.  

 This picture was after Francoise spent an hour or so in the fenced in yard 
with Aspen.  She exhausts him!!!!
Looks like he's having a good dream doesn't he?

I've been spending a little time in the greenhouse
during the afternoons.  
It's amazing how much warmer it is in there with 
all those windows.  It feels soooo good  to sit a minute 
with the sun shining on ya; watching  the bird feeders
 from this little perch,  
It's good soul care.
Looking out across the sleeping garden,
I dream of giant pops of peonies, baskets of juicy strawberries
and vine ripened tomatoes.  
I'm still tossing around new ideas of how to garden this year.
Soon it will be time to start the seeds so decisions need to be made.
What to plant, what not to plant, and where exactly?

There were things that didn't do so well last season and 
every year I like to try plant something new.  
There's always the tried and true that you just have to plant
or life wouldn't be right at all- like tons of heirloom tomatoes, 
and Giant Gurney hybrid cantaloupes.  Those two are just a given.
Maybe this will be the year to splurge on a David Austen rosebush.  
Something apricot colored.  
Or pink?  
Or yellow? 
So many decisions....

This is the verse we're focusing on  for Documented Faith this week.  

Show me your ways, Lord,
    teach me your paths.
 Guide me in your truth and teach me,
    for you are God my Savior,
    and my hope is in you all day long.
Psalm 25:-4,5

This page was sketched, and colored with  markers,
 watercolors and washi tape.  

I started Stephanie Ackerman's doodling class,
and also hope to improve my handwriting
and lettering this year.  
Practice, practice, practice, they say!


This is what my book is looking like so far this week.
Some people are using their books  for only art but mine holds everything-
planner of appts, and birthday's, art,  life!  
As you can see - I had a dentist appt this morning,
and eye- tomorrow. 

This is this weeks tip in. 
I've got a good start on it... and hopefully as the week
keep adding more.  

Last night I opened one of my other art journals  and started a face. 

The background is a pale blue, 
and the top of her dress is a chunk of scrapbook paper.  
Little by little.... 
this girl started to appear.
For now... she's finished --

Her name is 
On the opposite side I recorded the colors I used so in the future
if I want a similar look I'll remember what went into it.  
There's so much I want to learn- 
more "practice, practice, practice!"
Have a beautiful day everyone  and 
thanks for journeying along with 
Aspen Rose n 


jean aicken said...

Hi Lea, glad you've had a wee bit warmth in the greenhouse and watch the bird feeders. Little Aspen Rose looks ever so clever and am sure she will soon be leading you down to the chicken coop! Love to see your art work and journal, tis always inspiring. I have been watching gardening shows on tv and enjoying the colours and the enthusiasm of gardeners like yourself. I have enjoyed my visit to the potting shed.
God Bless.

Trace4J said...

What a perfect spot in your greenhouse..
Potting shed..
And Apsen Rose oh my I am in love..
Pure joy.
Love your journaling too.
Warm woolie Hugs

Sue Neitzel said...

We walk Ruger on a leach, tie him to the post when feeding chickens and he doesn't know anything other than that. Because we have traffic down our hill, I hate to let him run free unless we can keep track of him. Just show Aspen Rose who is boss and she will do fine! Love the colors you use girl, they just make me smile!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh Lea!!!!! I remember (like nightmare remember) those days of training Buster to walk on a leash. Should I say, I was dragged around like a play toy???? It took time and the obedience classes helped ME (not Buster) to know at least how to do it. We walked and walked and walked, and he finally learned to heel, stay, sit and come. Sounds like Aspen Rose is a free spirit, for sure. And it's amazing how your perspective can change when they learn that ONE thing --- to come when they are called. It's like the greatest miracle in the whole world!!!! Since Buster was sooooo treat oriented, a pocket of treats did the trick. And he only got one if he came immediately! It still works.

I just loved your journal page, and your lettering of your verse is wonderful! I'm practicing here, too. Isn't it funny, that mentality, that if you have all the "right" supplies like the instructor, SURELY, it will turn out like their's. How many sheets of paper will it take before I make a decent "A" ???????