Thursday, September 25, 2014

Following Forward

What a beautiful first week
of Autumn.  

It's another new 
So long Summer...
Hello cooler 
and shorter daylight.  
Hello turning leaves and grasses.
Hello long johns and flannel.
Funny how each new turning,
REturns again
and again.
It's so beautiful and 
changes like these:

(In today's post I'm adding three new
scripture pictures.  As always feel free to use 
and share them.) 

When I thought of all the things I need to do today and this weekend-
I thought of my apron hanging  there- rather sloppily off a plate rack.
It was late last night when I took it off;
Myguy was waiting for me... 
 and so I hung it on the nearest thing I could find. 
The verse;   tops off  my to do list.
And so this scripture picture was birthed.  
"And whatever you do,
do it heartily as to the LORD
and not to men."  Colossians 3:23

Yesterday,  I spent time at our  family business.    
Being there to answer the phone is really the main thing. 
(I'm not a mechanic.)  ;) 
  Olde Addie went with  me.  She slept while I 
took calls, swept  floors,
washed windows, sinks,  and scrubbed toilets. 
  " heartily as unto the LORD."  
I also took my bible with me.  

supper dishes last night,
I  walked  to the pond to go  fishing.  
Gracie followed and stood frozen like a horse statue on the bank.  
Her steadfastness brought this verse
to mind.  
--It encourages me of how 
I want to follow forward.  
Immovable... yet always abounding.  
(thinking about it kinda blows my mind)
  Immovable... but abounding!

Following forward to me  also means  
....Embracing God's unique opportunities
and callings-
and not worrying whether...

people like it 
or not.

 Sunday, the Pastor asked us about our vision.
-Sometimes I think it's a matter of our perspective.  
I don't say that like I have any of it figured out- 
I say it because I know I don't.  
As I journaled my thoughts about my faith and vision; 
this page got me thinking about 
"fearing" the Lord.    
He's  what matters most of all's a heart thing.
the more love
and loving 


"And whatever you do,
do it heartily as to the LORD
and not to men."



sweetvintageofmine said...

Beautiful, enjoy reading your posts. Blessings~~~Roxie

Vickie said...

Great post, Lea. You're always thinking forward, too. You're always so focused on the Lord in everything you do and I so appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

Loving these pictures today Lea.. the little chickie is like a little snowball, bless her heart and I love the pic of the wee red hens on their perch, they are so sweet. Thank you for sharing scripture dear heart.
Blessings Jx

Trace4J said...

Just wonderful friend..
I so love your beautiful art work.
Ya know girl ya really have a gift.
I have a journal bible on my Christmas wish list for Papa Santa John. :))
I just love King on your hand..
When I m stuck in my struggle of my past..ya know the ugly...
God reminds me I am His not my past..
A daughter of a KING!!
Beautiful Woolie Fall Blessings

White Lace and Promises said...

I love your inspirational blog. I found so much encouragement in this one post and will be following you and looking for more. I found you at Carries who I found from Sweet Magnolia Farm. I will be praying for this sweet lady as she faces the next few days ahead.

Dee said...

I do believe you could create your own christian country magazine...your blog is awesome.

Dee said...

I do believe you could create your own christian country magazine...your blog is awesome.