Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Days

Good morning friends,
Gosh; it almost feels like I've forgotten
 how to write.
So bear with me please;
If you pop in and read here now and then; 
then you already know...grace is always needed.

Things have been kinda hectic these days. 
If you're a gardener then you "know" how it is.
Life's been far too busy and at dusk 
when I "have" to come inside, I find myself
 ...wishing: "If only there were just a few more hours in a day."
My to do lists never seem to get
"done."  Especially during Spring planting season.

Overall the gardens  are planted.
Not everything is "up" yet... and so now
we wait.
There's a garden at the potting shed,
a cornpatch garden beyond that,
and another 
up at my Momma's olde homeplace aka the Happy Place.
Throughout it all:
strawberries, beans, cucumbers,
sweet peas, basil, marjoram,cilantro,parsley, leeks,garlic, onions,
cantaloupes, watermelon, a ton of tomatoes, sweet corn,
pumpkin, zucchini, summer squash, sunflowers,
rutabagas, lettuce, turnips, eggplant, -... I'm sure I've forgotten something... 
and flowers..
... I thank God
for growing me into a  gardener and
 to have this 
shabby olde potting  shed 
to always 
come home to.

I've been taking lots of pictures-
Photos like these sparrows who became today's
 scripture picture.  I wish you could
"hear" them chirping in real life! They hatched
in the birdhouse that's hanging right on the side of the potting shed.
The snowball bush is in full bloom next to them and these little
guys are one noisy bunch. 

I'll be sharing more in the posts to come.
Thanks for stopping by the shed and
have an awesome day!





Anonymous said...

Wow Lea, what an abundance of fruits and veg you have growing. I can imagine you just want to be out in the garden all the time. Bless you for taking time out to share these beauuuutiful photos and telling us about the little sparrows, I am sure they sound amazing and uplifting to the heart. Sending joy dear friend. Jx

Denise said...

Your garden sounds heavenly, love you.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just love those little peeps in the birdhouse!!!! Flycatchers are nesting in mine and I can't wait to hear those little things when they hatch. Sounds like there will be an abundance of good eats coming from that garden, Lea. It will be worth all the efforts!!!!

Attic Clutter said...

oh you will have a fabulous garden Lea (:)