Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Few Things I Learned in September

 -- That sittin on the porch with Myguy; eating 
Krunchy Klondike bars is ... delicious in every possible way.  
... To grow in grace....
is something I want 
more of.  
That God can  use vintage things
to move me.    
Like a  toy register sent by a friend,
hiding  a  map, key, shard of china and thimble.

 That's it's quite possible to 
fall asleep on the back of a motorcycle
if you close your eyes and relax too much. 
 That to play
is good.
Maybe needful! 
That it's okay to be an introvert 
and why I need to get alone and be quiet to

That I totally loved listening and learning about
Cathedrals and architecture through a Bring To Mind 
podcast with Father Barron.

I learned I really can pull Myguy in a different vehicle into the mechanics shop
 with the Nissan ( its a standard)
--and not jerk the chain too much.  
Even under pressure- 
(Thanks Matco man.)

-- that I love charm bracelets like my Angel Mother did
and the sound of the chinkle they make
helps me to still "see her."  

I learned words can lift or tear ya down.
Yeah...sticks n stones can break your bones,
but  words can nearly kill me.

I learned eating an extra dessert every other day,
will pack another 5# on me in no time flat,
and that it takes way longer to get them back off.  

-- Frozen chocolate chips in ice cream 
Drives one of my really old fillings crazy.  

I learned Myguy's love language sparks when I run down and 
pull his truck up to the house and have the air cooling  while he's  getting dressed  for work.

--That it gets pretty well dark
by 7:30 now.

I learned large copperhead snakes can be quite a surprise when you 
take the lid off your water meter box in the dark with a flashlite.  

-- That I can lose track of time when painting in my  journal.
Even a whole night.

I learned I hate the twang in the Dollar General black olives and I'll never ever switch 
brands again.
Like Ever!

I learned I like my hair shorter in the back
with a bump.

And I learned that I'm sort of addicted to certain pens.
Black LePen Permanent marker to art journal
Black Bic z4 roller in the leather writing journal
Orange sharpie highliter to highlite in my bible
Sharpie black fine point to label packages
White gelly roll to art journal on dark paint
India Ink Faber Castelles to shade in Art Journaling
and Faber Castell fine pt journal markers as a close second.
  In confession: the stash is growing and I don't share very well.

I learned how to make washi tape too.
The L was a first try... 

These are a few things I learned.
How about you? 


sweetvintageofmine said...

May we all continue to learn as beautiful as you! Blessings~~~Roxie

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm learning as I get older, that we never stop learning and I love that, just like I love you and your inspiring posts!! Missed you chickie!!!

Debra said...

Hello darling- PLEASE don't let me hear about you falling asleep on the motorcycle again!!!
Copperheads? Gasp. The thought is enough to make me swoon.
Hmmmm. What have I learned-some hard things-but good anyway. My Pride STILL needs smashing down. That God is still listening-even though I'm stupid. That I can still see as I did when I was little-I love little things that are easy to ignore-a web in sunlight, bugs lazy flying, the sight of the last hummer at my flowers....the list could be forever.
Mostly I guess I'm still learning how God loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.
Love you.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Your lists are just so . . . wonderful, peaceful, soul soothing, and yet, full of learning, memories, and love. They pull me in every time. I would LOVE seeing do every one of these things ---- but I CAN definitely see you hoarding your pens! So you don't share with others and I don't play well with others. Maybe we will grow out of these things when we grow up. Until then, Klondike bars, extra desserts and wonderful gifts will make us all smile!!!

Lea said...

I pray we do too Roxie!!
Words of wisdom there Sue- the older we get we never stop learning.. thankyou and missed you too!
Debra, I'll try to keep my eyes open!! - It was an eye opener too if you know what I mean. I love your list and what you see!!!.. Cora... I'd share my pens with you... I really would.
Have a great and blessed day everyone!

Attic Clutter said...

I learned I like my hair shorter in the back
with a bump...hehe-- me too Lea(:)
you are always writing such great letters for us bloggers to read..
you're so in-tuned to your feelings-- love it (:) hugs..

Dee said...

I love the ordinary beauty that is your day and the love between you and your husband...I have that too. :)

Vickie said...

Wow, Lea - you learned alot this month! All good stuff except for the snake... I love your journal... Have you read the book, "1000 Gifts"?
I think you'd really like it - since you are a counter of blessings! I'm enjoying it immensely.

I'm an introvert, too - love my solitude time!

Sunnyside Up said...

Takes an introvert to know an introvert! :) I just KNOW...time alone is where I reCHARge! (Get it?)
Ive learned that I can let my inner artist out to have fun and she can get messy fingers...who cares about a $35 dollar mani! And perfection is OUT THE WINDOW!
Thankful for friends who come alongside us to CHEER us on...and send us links to art videos that make us want to stay up half the night to watch! :O
Happy to know about those olives! Like WHO wants to eat a bad olive..right?
Giggled my way through your list, Lea!
PS Hobby Lobby is therapy for addicts like us! OR maybe not?!

Fran. said...

OH Lea I need to see those new boots girl!! I just got back from the east coast seeing Kaitlin!! I realize there is no place like home!!!! I feel God is leading me in new directions right now and I am trying to figure out what it is and to lean on HIM!!! Our fall colors are rockin right now!! I want to create and clean and organize my house so I can!! I want to move forward and not live in fear as much!!! I could go on and on but I'll stop!! Sending love n prayers to you!!! XOXO Fran.

Anonymous said...

An encouraging post Lea, as always. I love your cute pic of you both with your bike helmets on. Like Fran, I want to not live in fear so much! Thank you for sharing your blessing. Jeanie x

Anonymous said...

An encouraging post Lea, as always. I love your cute pic of you both with your bike helmets on. Like Fran, I want to not live in fear so much! Thank you for sharing your blessing. Jeanie x