Saturday, August 10, 2013

Through My Lens

The spider plant has a whole litter of baby spiders....
and they're hanging off their mother like a web of arachnids.

Saturday is wash day....
for Tunies.

And catnaps
beneath  the "lightning tree."  
Every second or so; I hear sounds of swishing from 
flyswatter tails.  Violet violently swats  her's like she's beating 
a rug.     

Inside the greenhouse, I found Prince Charming?
But no kiss today...

He did  seem to enjoy his photo shoot though.  

While chasing butterflies;
something scurried behind me.  
....I see you Road runner!  
Watching out the corner of my eye, he traipsed around the whole corn patch,
and then 

 Started coming back towards me.  
As I walked around ... he kept appearing?
Are you stalking me Road runner???? 
Is it just me or does he kind of look like those things
on Jurassic Park?  
Before long I saw another ...
.... I turned my attention to them both and ....
then it dawned on me what they were hunting!
They eat dragonflies!
I did not know that until just today! 
I'm sorry Roadrunners but 
Haaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Git outta here.... Go on now!  
.... Back to chasing butterflies from bloom to bloom,
this little tangerine was so fun to watch. 

 Her favorite color has to be pink.   
 The swallowtails were most fond today of the butterfly bushes.
There were a couple black ones hanging around too.

 Recently I added two more  hummingbird feeders and 
they're really getting thick.  
This one finally stood right on the ledge and was easier 
to photograph.

 This one kept hiding out here coz there was so much fighting going on.

 This was the best closeup.
I loved her little feet on the cannas flowers.

Well I better sign off.  
I'm off to the bait shop in the hopes that they have goldfish.
I had 7 in this little pond... 
... well ya know that algae stuff you can buy when your pond gets gross?
... I learned the hard way that... less  "really is"

I think I've flushed it all out enough now and
hopefully the rain too has helped.  
Gonna try it again.  



Trace4J said...

Beautiful photos friend.
Along with your sweet words.
Happy Sonday
Woolie Hugs

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Never dull at your place!! Love the froggie, so cute!!! Hope your staying dry and safe in all the rains that found you, this has been one summer to remember!!

Fran. said...

Hey Lea can you email so I can get your email addy!! I want to tell you something and would rather do it privately!! I didn't write down your email and I had to clean out my computer cuz I messed it up!! LOL Oh I think I am getting a new phone plan with texting!!! So maybe we can text later on!! Woo Hoo I am growing up!! LOL XOXO Love ya Fran

Debra said...

Oh yes-hummingbird feet are the cutest!!!
Your package will be sent off this week!!!YaY!
I LOVE the old washing machine. You really know how to decorate, girlfriend!
Love you!

Denise said...

Your blog is so awesome.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

How come you didn't kiss that prince charming???? Seemed to me he was all puckered up for one! And anything that eats dragonflies has to GO! For sure! Sounds like your place is "home sweet home" for a whole lot of beautiful creatures, Lea! So much fun to see it all through the lens of your camera!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you got some goldfish Lea. I think your pics are great and makes me feel as if I am there. The wee frog is so sweet and his little house too. I had never seen a road runner before except in a cartoon. Hope you have a good week dear friend. Jeaniexx

Heather said...

Hi! I found your blog through Granny Trace'. I love it! I borrowed a few of your scripture pictures as those are some of my very favorite verses. Your pictures are so beautiful and God's words through you are such a comfort and blessing! I also enjoyed your side bar verses and quotes. That is one of my favorite lines from You've Got Mail! :) I am so glad that you won a snow dude. I hope many others follow the link. I know they will be blessed by what they find here!

Love and hugs!

Dee said...

I enjoy my visits to your bring country to my city. :) Love the frog and the little sunflower with the glasses on :)

Attic Clutter said...

Love Prince Charming Lea(:)

sweetvintageofmine said...

Everything is soooo beautiful Lea! I love Mr. Prince Charming....he was so cute when you were holding him! Your olde washing machine is a hit with me! Who would think when things were made "back when", they could have a future in the garden.....could you imagine the ones today potted years from now??? Wouldn't be the same....Blessings~~~Roxie

Paula said...

Aloha Sweet friend,
A little ball of barley grass will help keep the algae down. I used to use and ole pair of pantyhose and make little tennis size balls with the hose, and barley grass and it worked really well keeping the algae down. Got the barley grass at my nursery supply store in Bellingham. Thank you for the patience scripture. Always a good reminder and to that I will add 1 Thess 5:18 "in everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." Isn't that awesome that it is God's will for us to give thanks.
Love you !!!!