Sunday, May 26, 2013

Because You Never Know What You'll See.......

 On my way to the garden yesterday; I met a terrapin on a morning stroll.

Picking him up; I carried him into the shed and let him just crawl around on the floor awhile. 
What a friendly fellow.  "You weren't in our strawberries were you?"  I believe he nodded a guilty yes. 

 I've been leaving the door open after the dragonfly came in. 
A hummingbird came inside one afternoon; then darted out...
and on this morning came this butterfly.  She only stayed a minute or two. 

I sat here for a spell and finished an email and journaled a bit. 
It's been a sheer delight watching the birds.  We're visited by sparrows, cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays and orioles too now. 

Is getting rather plump, and the surprise was
that another came as well.  They put on quite a show and honestly did not seem very friendly with one another at all.  Kind of a love hate relationship; 
leaning more toward hate maybe. 

Wylie Coyote had come right up to our back yard.  
See him behind the picnic table?
My music was playing rather loud and it didn't seem to bother him at all.
He must have been very hungry because he watched those squirrels and ...
I think would have come to this side of the fence if it weren't for me sitting in here watching him.
He stared me down for a little bit.  But when the squirrels carried on... 
you could just tell he wanted one so badly!
 This squirrel went right up to the picnic table and was so close to Wylie...
He watched for awhile... and actually stayed right here for about ten minutes.  I took pictures the whole time.  After awhile he got up and scampered away but laid down again a little further back and kept watch.  I'll not be turning any chickens out that's for sure. 

In our last storm, the bluebird house; post and all came crashing down.  It broke off right at the base of the post.  Myguy helped me hang it on this railroad tie right in the garden.  By the end of the day I watched a sparrow start making a nest in it.  I don't mind.  I like sparrows too.

With all this activity, I carried the binoculars out here to have on  hand for the next visitor.
I can hardly wait to see what's next. 


Rebecca said...

Joy! I need to clear out my half of our shed so I can set it up as intended - for observation. You are my inspiration :)

Sherry said...

Girl I am just drooling and coveting that space of yours!! I love the turquoise touches everywhere. That color has been an obsession of mine lately and brings me real joy. I don't actually have anything that color though. I even dreamed about it one night. Isn't that funny? I guess I will have to paint some things! :) Loved seeing your view!

Denise said...

You truly bless me.

Anonymous said...

A little sanctuary to sit and read and watch the wildlife. Do you need an assistant?
Jeanie x

Dee said...

I love your space....I am so pleased you share it with us and we can dream and hopefully one day have our own charming space.