Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Last Few Days... and What Is It Anyways? Update: Prayer Request too

Hello dear  Friends!
I hope you all had a blessed  Easter.
I'm so thankful to my Savior -
for dying on the cross for me.
Our Lord is alive....
and He's coming again.

---  We had the Lord's supper during our church service Easter morning  as I'm sure many of you did and ...
I just needed... and wanted it so much.  
Him so much.  
...I haven't posted in a few days.
My Mil and Fil visited 
and thankfully 
the kids were here and the folks got to meet Kayla, the Honeybear, Blaine, and Carter-
and the kids got to meet them too....
We broke bread together at Pizza Hut the first night
and made new memories.

I've been creating a new wallspace with black and white photos 
in our home.  One of  picture frames... "still" has you know the little 
generic storebought pics of people we don't even know in them. lol   I hung it up 
anyways with all the others trying to design how the frames would all go- but sadly
never got the pics in one set!  After our gathering this past week, I'm so happy that 
new family photo prints are ordered and in the mail to our house as I write.  
That's kind of a miracle right there.*

This one of Mil and Fil will go on the wall too.
I'll share a new picture of our 
"Redeemed"  wall as soon as they get here. 
That's the title ... and will have all our pics around it.  
I'm pretty excited coz it's something I started and never got done.. yet!

Last Friday evening we had a big bbq at our house here with the fam!
We took alot of photos and were entertained by a hula hoopin Honeybear,
a tire burnin Blaineboy, and gigglin Carter here. 
He thought his big sissy was hilarious hulahoopin!
He was doin those LOL belly laughs and had all of us
crackin uP.  
I hope to never ever forget it.  
Or this night. 

Had to share this pic too.
Carter givin his Momma some sugar.
He just learned that one too... 
Remember  the sayin "kiss me quick n don't slobber?"
Well that doesn't apply here. 

Update:  I forgot to ask for a special prayer request 
before I published this.
Young Carter here is getting tubes in his ears in the morning.
Please lift him and his Mommy in your prayers.
I know we'd all appreciate it very much.

It's raining here today.  
The garden is soakin it up after last Summer's drought.
I really wasn't sure what all could survive it.  
The tulips woulda faired pretty good 
had the cows or donkeys not plucked them up under the fence.
Yes they really did!  
I was fortunate to find them.  I was walkin along the fence and noticed "bulbs" on the pasture side laying on top of the ground... and the green parts "ate."  
I'm super suspicious of one long eared brayer more than anyone.
He's the one who I see carrying the big black rubber feeder  tub half way across the pasture,
and even garden hoses... if it's something new and within reach... he picks it up...
or pulls it up from the roots.  
Apparently the bulbs were nasty to him coz he spit those out. 
Amazingly the tulips  look like they're still tryin to bloom.  
See the buds?

I replanted what I found and the ones that hadn't gotten 
plucked, I tried to do a little reinforcing.
We'll see if they make it.  
It's what ya get for planting them so close to the fence.  
But they just looks so pretty lining the fences ya know?

The peony beds are takin off now.
I've not picked up the haypiles yet... just in case we get another frost warning.

I just love all the bloomin cheerful yellow jonquils.
The goldenrod's fixin to bust out too!
Yesterday evening as the clouds were rolling in; 
I dug up the rose bushes that were in the way of where the little greenhouse is going to go.  
Remember my goofy triangle spot at the end of the garden?  I got them replanted on the side
of our house near the wrap around deck.  I think I'll have Myguy help me nail a flower bed around them, and I can put some weed barrier down and build up the soil better.  The holes I dug out, got a good RX of Mrs. Potter's bunny berries.  They oughta love that.  The tomato cages are temporary to protect these roses  from the armadillo who's been keepin my dander up.  He's been tearin up jack!

 Yesterday I had a dentist appt.  
I had to sit in the chair and wait awhile.  
It was in a room I'd never been in before.  
Well; if I ever was... it would have been on a surgery day and I don't remember it.
I think I would have remembered this print.  
It's so  beautiful to me.  
The colors...
 and beautiful  layers... 
so.... inspiring.  
The next time I get to play in my art journal,
I want to use these very colors together.

 Since they  didn't get any "yuck" on my bib... 
 I tucked it in my purse after my appt.
 It's my favorite color... and pieces of it will go in my art journal today too. lol
It's the prettiest paper... and has texture to boot!
Cool huh?  
Some of you are shaking your head....
it's okay.  

  The dental bib kinda matches our new welcome mat.
Don't ask me why the photo got rotated.
Oh well.  
I have alot of upside down, inside out
and backward moments sometimes. 

 Okay... all you garden people take a good look!
Click on it... and please tell me 
"what is it?"
The tall ferny lookin things.
It's in a row... like I planted it there on purpose.  
It wasn't there last year though... but I'm bad to add seeds here and there and forget what I planted where...   My guess... is ... 
Sweet Annee?
I'm hoping someone says 
YES that IS sweet Annee!
But it could be a weed for all I know.  
I did buy sweet annee seed off Ebay but never got it to grow... 
I'm hoping I sprinkled some here... and it's a sweet surprise.  
I googled sweet annee pics and it kinda looks like it to me... 
but I just really don't know???   

Okay time to put a pot of chili on!
It's a chilly kinda day!


Debra said...

Hey! We had chili too. It was chic pea chili-with chocolate in it. VERY good. I actually followed a recipe!
The plant does look like Sweet Annie-but I couldn't tell ya fer sure. Wish I could be in the same room with it-but it really gets me sneezin.'
Can you get Mr or Mrs Armadillo on your blog?? Would love to see it! I remember you had one that you touched with your foot-in a movie, quite a while ago.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter dear friend.

Debra said...

P.S. I will pray for Carter....

Lea said...

Thank you for the prayers Debra and yes I'll try to get a picture of the armadillo this week... they come out in the late evening and at night. I got pics of the possum... and will add that on the sidebar for you too!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Loved your post tonight, Lea! I'm so glad your tulips got rescued!!!!! Can't wait to see your wall of pictures, too. I'm not sure either about the ferny stuff. We have ferns that come up here, and they are quite high and full right now. The roots travel under ground and send up new ferns -- kinda in a straight line. I cut a bunch and dried them before they all get mowed down.
My prayers will be with Carter tomorrow! Poor little guy.

jean aicken said...

What a lovely family time you have had Lea, thank you for sharing your Easter blessings and family photos. I pray for Carter and his mummy.
Take care dear friend.
Jeanie xx

Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed precious family time. Praying for dear Carter.

Mecky said...

It is so nice that you had a nice day with your family!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. Your words were so kind and warmed my heart. Thank you so much.

God Bless you and your family!

Paula said...

So happy that you all had a good time, and said prayers for Carter and Kayla too. Lea, that plant looks kinda of like a ragweed. Or a tansy?

Heidi said...

Hello sweet friend.......
Are you
kidding ME?
YOU took your dentist

Rolling on the COUCH laughing!

LOL I've been to the dentist a ZILLON times in my life......
I'm kicking myself for not saving my bibs!!!!!

LOVE the family photo. God is so good. Hugs, Heidi