Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gratitudes 42 A Few Random Blessings

A few random blessings.....
Gorgeous and cool late-Summer mornings.

Happy squeaks coming from Francoise's much loved toy hedgehog.

Domestic duties I'm seeing as Joy!- even some extra fluffing
of our nest. 

--For  a sweet sister in Christ who always inspires me like crazy in the
art of creative home sweet home making.
For freshly mown paths around the pastures  and to be
walking ...once again. It feels so good- even the burn in my legs and huffin and puffin up
the hills.

for Aloha Love!

For seeing God move in the 1 word I'm picking a day.   My first word journaled was 
forgiveness.  -Later on in the  day, I  began listening  to my Midday connection  podcast.
They had a guest speaker on the Millrose club  who brought a topic to the table: His topic: (are you sittin down?)  ... Yep: "forgiveness!"  Just hearing that word.... well; I think I  gave a little jump, hoop n hollar.  After  listening awhile  ... I wondered ...Did I have people in my life who I still may
harbor  unforgive-ness with?  First I asked God to forgive me .... and then...
those names that had popped into my mind... -I spoke and prayed forgiveness to them.  
Lord I forgive __________  for ______.
( forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.)
-Forgiveness... sweet forgiveness.

This morning my 1  word was "build."
Of all things,  I clicked over to Midday's facebook page awhile ago and guess what their  status said:
"So let's strive for the things that bring peace and the things that build each other up." Romans 14:19
-yeah I'm still smiling!!!

-- To be  content.
 --that business is going good and 
for a rather interesting encounter with a customer who was an older gentleman .  He was dropping off a truck and came inside to tell  me what all was wrong with it.
Then; he kinda lingered there in the office?  We just started shooting the breeze awhile  ... At some point in our  conversation I  said something
about God.  Just a quick comment but  -I got the feeling he isn't  a Christian.   Still; we kept talking.   Next thing I knew 
he took his hand off the doorknob ...pulled up a chair and plopped down.  I think he stayed another 30 minutes or so.. like we were old  friends.    
By the time he left my lunch hour was half over.  ...Sitting here now trying to write about it.. and 
make some kind of sense about it... I can't really?  But it was
...  a joy.  

For finding scripture stamped on a dollar bill at Sonic tonight!
 I didn't  have a bible with me and couldn't wait to find out what Acts 2:38 said so  I texted the photo to a friend and she wrote out the 
scripture for me.  I wonder how many hearts that 1 dollar bill has touched? 
It did

I could go on ... and share so many more but it's getting late.  
--I can't sign off though without adding my family and friends.  

Thank you Lord for all these things....
thank you with  my every thing. 



Dee said...

I truly enjoy when you share your random makes me more aware of my own. \0/

Denise said...

Forgiveness.... something I have learned first hand.. When we forgive others we are the ones to be healed. Isn't that just like God.. I think I am back and ready for life..... I have missed talking to you......

Sunnyside Up said...

God is always showing up in the mostly unexpected your words forgiveness & build! When things like that happen to me I know it wasn't by coincidence but Gods very hand guiding me!! It makes me SMILE too! Thanks God! I get it!

Im not surprised by the man who came in to sit & have a gift of touching may never know what an imact you made on his life...just like that dollar bill...traveling hand to hand..wonder how many like you stopped & curiously looked up the scripture??? Cool huh? What a way to get the Word out?!

Thank you Lord for blessing my friend & her kind heart!

Debra said...

I love how God gave you your special words for the day, then showed them to you again. He is so good....

Fran. said...

Wowser just caught up with ya Lea!! I sure can tell you are hangin on to God and He is workin in your life! I believe you are like me and He has to show you things. Some people need to hear it I need to see it and hear it also. And it is always in the simplest of things. Kinda like the dollar bill. And the precious animals He creates and show us. My flowers are kinda startin over too. My clematis has 9 buds on it!! I am waiting to see if it blooms!! All of my yellow and gold flowers are starting to bloom and blooming. I canned tomatoes today, praising God for the food. That is such a cute picture of you with the Black Eyed Susie that your man picked for you! Girl you need to eat!! And I need to stop!! LOL I've been eating to many carbs!! LOL Such as yummy baked goods! One problem with Fall baking is to much fun!! Thanks for sharing your words they help me too. Take care and stop by and see my new BarnWood Wall!! XOXO Love ya Fran.