Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gratitudes 41

Greetings and Holykisses,

A few random blessings:

I'm thankful  for this day.

For waking  reFRESHed.

For the beautiful rain that has washed the dust from everything
and how green grass grows while we sleep in the most comfortable bed this side of heaven.  ;)

For bacon, fresh banty  eggs, and toast with  purple jelly that I get  to make
for Myguy's breakfast.  

For friends who bless my day
with text messages from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Scotland and even
from just down the road a piece.    ;)

For the green and blushing  pears we picked off Mommas olde tree.

-And the joy feeding and watching  donkeys, horses and bunnies munching
on the bruised ones.

For a special  dinner date with my Hubster up on a mountain top.
We were given a  corner table, and a ...different waitress walked over to us 
and said something like, "I know you didn't drive up here to be seated in a corner
with a view of the sidewalk."  She told us to pick up our drinks and silverware  and follow her outdoors where she gave  us our very own table facing the most breathtaking view.  Just the two of us!!
It was fun!  
For this big bunch of black eyed Susies- one of my most favorite
flowers  we stumbled upon after our mountain top feast.
My sweetheart knows I adore them and sometimes picks them with his big
calloused hands in ditches
around the farm.  On this day, he bent down and picked just one....

Then he put it in my pocket.  
It's in my flower press right now... drying for keepsake on a journal page.
I'm thankful he loves me, and for his sweet side to boot. 
I'm thankful for this beautiful passion flower-
so lavender wild...
She  graced a pathway at the top of this mountain. 

Speaking of romance and ...passion...

Her name's  Kayla and this is she and Trent's wedding kiss.

She's our new grand girl.  --We'd been shopping on this day and she picked out
this lil outfit because it has pokee dots.  :) 

for a new name-- GrammaLea
I'll never forget the day I first heard it spoken.  Right there in the garden at 
The Happy Place.  --It sorta startled me at first?  "GrammaLea," she beckoned....  --The kids weren't even 
married yet, ...but Allybug didn't care bout any of that.  Was it prophetic? ... maybe.  But my 
heart still flutters a little every time I hear her say it. 
 I'm thankful too for this new grandboy.   
His name's Blaine, and  he's almost always smiling just like this.  
It's contagious- that little smile.
:)  see?!! ha! 

and that the Star family is growing.

Yet another gift....  
--This is young Carter.  He joined our tribe too.  
We got to watch him while the kids ran off and got married.  
We hadn't had a baby in this house in over 26 years! 
He was so patient with us-   I love this picture of 
Myguy holding him here.  He got so good at burping young Carter!  If I couldn't get a burp out,
I'd just pass baby to Myguy coz he could get one  every time.  ha! 

It was an honor, and privilege  to take care of this wee one.  
I barely  put him down the whole time he was here. lol
He slept  good at night... but I didn't.  His bassinet was about
3 feet away from me and I just kept getting up... just to watch him sleep. 

I'm thankful for technology too.  
The kids and I texted alot while they were gone, and I'd send them
pictures like this one! 

With Fall approaching I've been in  baking and cooking mode.
-I'm so grateful for those changing seasons.  

--And for this:
While thumbing through my cookbooks, this was gift.
Every now and then, just when I'm missing her, something comes
that  warms me like a hug.  
Leaonie... Happy Baking! 
Love you
I'm baking happy Momma,
and I love you more.

 This was another treat.
We were drivin home in the jeep the other night and this  young coyote was runnin all over  the road looking for something to eat.  He was close to our house and  was not afraid of us at all.  I actually got out of the jeep and watched him for awhile; trying to take pictures. 

-- For so many wild animal sightings. 
For a  bobcat on our drive  to the lodge. 
He  jumped up a steep embankment and was just amazing to see!
For an owl out back, a persistent woodpecker just this morning, a skunk
encounter on the motorcycle who thankfully kept his tail down, ...
 and for deer dining on acorns under the sweetheart tree...All gifts!!

--I'm thankful for cooler temperatures and the beautiful rains we had

For soft dirt to scratch around in again.  
For Fall planting; mostly flower seed,
but zucchini too. 
More gifts. 

For moss roses
so perky!

--And morning glorys!
They didn't have a fighting chance against  groundhogs this summer.
But this September... they're brilliant and climbing uP again. 
I'm thankful! 

For hearing  my Sisterbear's giggle-
even though time was too short.

For the giant dragonfly who flew in one shop door;
-past Trent and I... and then right out the other side.

For pretty yellow bitterweed making pastures golden.

-- and the twig nest found in the middle of G&G Star's crab apple tree.

For how Big... God made His presence known to me yesterday so I was
sure not to miss it.

--For favor for my Merry Bema ..

and my  path to walk forward....
I give thanks. 

Holykisses, xoxo


Rebecca said...

Thankful WITH and FOR you, Lea! What wonderful, BEAUTIFUL blessings - especially that mountaintop view (and the flower in your denim jacket)...

Auntie Bliss said...

Your art is beautiful...but GOD'S art...those babies!!! Incredible!!! Three babies!!! You luckyyyyy!!!
Little Carter! wow!!!! Looking at his mama and daddy on the internet!!

sweetvintageofmine said...

What a beautiful day and a beautiful life! Seems like you are beginning a new chapter or season in your family! I believe just like the changing of the natural seasons, GOD takes us to new/changing directions! GOD is GOOD! You have a precious family and so much to enjoy together. Oh how it touched me to see the note from your Mother~~I felt your sadness~~but yet it brought a smile to see how much she loved you. From one sweetie to another~~~Blessings this week~~~Roxie

Dee said...

Your blessings are charming... All of them.♥

Anonymous said...

Lea, thank you for sharing those photos are beautiful and the wee babes are real cuteys. The mountaintop scene is amazing. You are a BLESSING!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love these posts, and you!!!

Sunnyside Up said...

A wonderful list of BLESSINGS! God is sooooooo GOOD!

Those younguns are precious and I LOVE your new name..GrammaLea! How sweet!

Congrats to the newly weds!

Lea said...

Thank you dear friends for your sweet comments and encouragements!! Phyllis-auntieBliss,... the artwork at the top of the page was a gift from a friend- wish I could say I made it but I didn't. -- I am learning how to make some of my own this week though. They're a little rough around the edges but then... maybe it's just the shabby coming out? lol Thank you Rox-Sweetie for feeling the tug with me from my angelMother. I will always treasure that little note inside the cover of the cookbook she gave me. I think in the same cookbook on the back cover in my handwriting is a list of ingedients for her potato salad. I remember calling her and saying, Now how do I make that potato salad Momma? Then while she was on the line, I wrote all the ingredients as she said them. Every time I'm stirring the mayonnaise in it all... I remember now... especially when I add the turmeric on top. Momma did that-mostly for pretty. :) Anyways... it feels good to be back and you all blessed my heart ever so much today. I LOVE YALL
... with all my shabby heart. Holykisses!! xoxo Lea

From the Heart said...

I enjoyed your post of Gratitudes, especially the grandchildren.

My dh and I will be having our
50th anniversay soon and believe it or not our OD is getting married in November. She has know this person for over 20 years and even attended a church where he was a youth pastor. He was married I think, but has divorced (don't) know how long it's been. He has a 14 year old daughter. Our granddaughter will be 14 next month. We haven't met the daughter yet but really like her Dad. It has happened so quickly I'm almost afraid to believe it. She has been down this road so many times but I think this is the man for her and we will gain another granddaughter. He shares custody with his ex. and she does not like the idea of him moving 4 hours away. He already has found a job. It seems that everything is just falling into place. I'm just so excited for my daughter.
Pray for me that I can last that long. I need to have more back surgery. I've put it off for 2 years but it's getting worse.
Love and prayers, AE

From the Heart said...

I loved your Gratitudes and the pictures.

Debra said...

Oh so beautiful Lea-it made me cry. I love ya!

Trace4J said...

What a summer you have had GrammaLea!
How wonderful is our GOD!!