Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gratitudes 35

A few random blessings.......

A Rain shower-
Beautiful, refreshing, dust washing  shower.

Tiny baby toads
 hopping everywhere.

-a special  heart to heart talk-
and confidence in eachother.

My family,
and dear friends.

a reminder  from Jeremiah-
"to eat God's words"....
 (- forgiveness for slacking off- and being in a funk )
and another word repeated from  Matthew just this morning -

A long chat leaning on a pickup truck  with 
an old friend.  

a mountain get away with 
my Romeo.

The pancake breakfast  with him
overlooking a breathtaking canyon.
-Acoustic hymns playing in the background.
And hummingbirds swarming the feeder 
on our window.

-Making new memories

Witnessing someone's courage and 
 a  leap of faith.

The bluebird 
and  babies
Mommas mailbox.

Time in the garden....
and seeing His amazing artistry in
every creature,sprout, bud and bloom.

The sign found in a faraway place that said,
Be still and know I am God. 

by basketfuls
--and two sweet loaves.

Two very special "divine"  love connections 
 in the mountains.--
-An aged man at a garage sale,
and  a Spirit filled clerk.
May I never forget her, or the
wisdom she shared with me.

--a good cry.

a  gift of 30-40? (FREE)   old wooden windows
to  build a shabby olde greenhouse one day.  
Even old boards to make more signs!   

Inspiration from someone 
to get out my paints and 
get back to soul journaling
 Dancing in the barn, 
with the song FREE by Dara.

The  Ground hogS- (plural)
who I  want to hug... and choke
all at the same time.

A visit from a turtle
just this morning.  

 The wind in the 
Silver Maple Trees.

 My furry friend Addiedoo 
who sticks to me
like crazy glue.

Blue seeds

Thank you Father for all these things...
and ...thank you for my every thing. 

John 21:25
And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.



Debra said...

Oh goody~I'm First!

Ground HogS, eh? They like the Shed~and the hoppy toads.
Love reading about your love of life....

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Free windows, you lucky duck!!! lol Those are just the icing on this weeks's cake! :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

What a beautiful list today, Lea! WOW!!!! There just isn't anything better than a thankful heart when a day seems "funky!" Here I am, sitting here listening to the distant thunder and the rain that just won't stop. And I'm as happy as a soaking wet bluejay. Loved your mailbox picture. Makes we want a whole row of them along my fence! And all those windows?????? You are definitely my kind of gal!!! Amazing what makes us happy, isn't it????

Dee said...

I can add your gratitude post to my gratitude list. :)

Anonymous said...

Lea, so many gratitudes in one day, wonderful. Making memories is so special (even groundhogs). Thank you for sharing.
Love and blessings friend.


Fran. said...

Hey Lea maybe that's what I've been lately in a funk and I didn't realize it!! I love your blessings share!! It reminds me to be thankful for all of my blessings!! I can't garden withput thinking of you!! It is super hot here in Mich!! We need it and the rain too!! Went to church today and just drove around to some sales after I dropped my daughter off at a friends. Got a few things I cna plant in and some things I can make into pin cushions. Thanks for sharing. Do you know if you can grow the herb lavendar in the house? Or is it better outside? I got a brown crock to plant it in and have the plant from the garden store. I am in love with lavendar this year for some reason. It smells so yummy!! XOXO Thanks and Love ya Frannie

sweetvintageofmine said...

Lea, I LOVE this post! We sometimes think it's a material thing in LIFE that can make us HAPPY....when it really isn't. JOY and HAPPINESS is all around us when we LEARN to be CONTENT wherever we are in LIFE! (and of course, saving all those FREE things for our VISION to come)! from one sweetie to another...Roxie