Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Few Things Momma Taught Me

A Few Things Momma Taught Me

She'd always be there.... IF she could.
I was loved no matter what.
No means NO!!!!!!!!
Always look both ways before crossing any road and listen hard.
If the doors shut, KNOCK before opening- coz ya just never know?!
Never say Shut up.
Hard work never kills anybody.
If I don't have somethin nice to say... I shouldn't say nothin at all.
Make my bed every day.   (Funny thing: even now- if  for some outlandish reason it gets left unmade all day long;  I can't bring myself to crawl in til it gets made first. Weird I know.)
How to make a mean chocolate chip cookie. And it's really okay to have them for breakfast with a big glass of milk. But never tell a teacher!
-Put my Barbis and Breyer horses away after I play with them.  Never leave them outside over night!! 
Dust the whole thing- I still rebel with that one.
Always ask first... and say Please, and Thankyou.
Be home when the porch light comes on.
How to say, "I'm sorry."
Stop and ask for directions.
She taught me how to take a bath in a lake
and shave my legs on a dock.
To Never "sit down" in a public restroom.  No not ever!
While in our days we didn't call it the 3 second rule: we still had one.  It was okay if it looked okay.  -You had to see the germ first.  Unless of course you were in the public restroom!
Coffee and cigarrettes taste good. I gave up the second one before she did...-
And 48 years later,  she taught me any one can really get lung cancer from smoking cigarrettes.
Yard sales and thrift shops are fun, and second hand is just a better way!
To get away  from trouble!  Run if I must.
How to box everything up if you have to, and ...move on.  -We learned that together four times.
Keep trying... and
Life really can go on.
-I learned  bumpers are for bumping. "Why do you think it's called a bumper????"
After I got married, she taught me to be united  with my husband.  I learned this in the labor and delivery room July 18th, 1984.   When I'd had all the pain I thought I could take; I pleaded for my Momma who came into  the room and encouraged me to keep listening to my husband ...and  do what he said.  She said "It's going to be okay Little Babes... and left.  :)  Stepping back must have been so hard for her. But she knew it was for OUR good.
Momma taught me how to give my first baby his bath and said "they're really a little tougher than you'd think!"
She reminded  me little boys will come clean with scrubbin, soap and water- especially in let em have fun and get really dirty.
She taught me how to have eyes in the back of my head...
And that she was only a phone call away... night or day. Just call.
As years went by, I'm thankful to say we both came to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  Things changed even more then.
I began seeing her live for God and she encouraged me to do the same. 
I watched her  worship with abandon,  letting  her charm bracelet chinkle for Jesus...
I learned to not care what anyone thinks when I  worship.  It's between me and God.  Love Him with all my heart..Worship with abandon!
By example, she taught me to always pray before I put anything in my mouth. And if you forget.. to set your fork down, repent and thank God for your food.
How to hold my lips when I put on  lipstick and to blot,  ...and always wear rosy pink rouge.
I learned  I needed  to "grow me a backbone."
It's okay to own a LOT of shoes... even in funky colors like fuschia and sun yellow.
Save the right sized boxes in my closets for shipping... this is very important. You never know when you'll need one.
White sandals can be worn any time I want. Memorial
day, labor day... whatever.
Keep my toenails painted...they just look better.
Always bring my own bible to church.. and  write in the margins.
Never cut scotcheroos in small pieces... it's not right. 
How to make yummy  potato salad, macaroni  salad, melody's salad, 7 layered salad, halupsi, meatloaf, blonde brownies and banana bread; although I still can't make any of as good as she did. 
There's no such thing as too much  salt- especially  on a vine ripened tomato or bowl of buttered popcorn. 
How to call  donkeys so they'll hear ya 24 acres away.
To keep a paper towel in my pocket for a snot rag.
The early bird gets the worm at yard sales almost always.
She taught me life is GIFT.
While hair is a good thing... it's not the most important thing and colorful bandanas and hats can be fun!
How to spit cherry pits off a porch.
That you can just be with someone you love and not have to say anything at all.
Lackadaisical is a real word.  She didn't make it up.  Grammy even used it. 
To appreciate so much beauty around me... birds, green pastures, the big blue sky. 
Smile... and try to look on the bright side... which is always uP.
Her favorite word is Immanuel.  How important that became to me after she went to Heaven.  My God is with me.
To keep pushing  forward... no matter how things seem.  
She taught me to say Your Welcome.  Don't just say No problem, or sure thing.  Leaonie, say you're  welcome.  ( I keep forgetting that one Momma... and will try harder.)
She taught me  to twirl.
To say my thank you's in threes.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou.  It was just what she did!  I love that. 
To pray... Not with fancy words... just talk... to my heavenly Father. 
Make the most of every day.
Money  isn't everything.
Laugh alot!  It's good medicine.  It can even make embarrassing situations alot less painful.
Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time.
Everyone's poop stinks.   No one is better than another.   
If you fall down ... just get right back up. Sometimes you can even take a bow.  
Pull yourself out of bed when  you're able... especially when  you just don't feel like it...
 That "it's my turn now.  Like running a race and passing the baton."
To keep learning  Patience.
Be grateful for what I have.
Keep growing.
Love the Lord with my everything.
Praise Him.
 Love MORE ...

Thanks Mom.


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Wow!!!!! I just KNOW you had tears running down your cheeks as you wrote this --- and a big smile at the same time. With the song playing, "I can only imagine. . .", and reading this, even I was missing your Momma. I just couldn't pick a favorite --- maybe it was how to call the donkeys so they would hear you 24 acres away. I would just LOVE to hear that, Lea!!!!! Can I move in next door to you???? I'll come when you call!

Rebecca said...

Oh! I wish I'd known her!!!! This is an amazing list. Makes me wonder what MY children will remember?

Honestly, I'm a better woman for having read this post. You have a special Mother's Day tomorrow - d'ya hear me?

(Now I think I'll go paint my toenails.)

Auntie Bliss said...

SO many happy thoughts! I know you had fun thinking back...some came easy and searched a little :)
I tell my boys a very important thing:
"cuticles are NOT cute" "push them back" :)
I hope you have a sweet Mother's Day!!

Yolanda said...

Wonderful nuggets!!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Wow is right!!! Love you Leaonie!!!

From the Heart said...

That is a great tribute to your Mother. I can see why you miss her so much. You were truly blessed.