Friday, March 2, 2012

To Just Be

Greetings and Holykisses,

This week, I shared a memory of my Angel Mother with someone dear to me.
So many thoughts have been crossing my mind from this one priceless memory:- Although I've shared it here before, it seems to keep coming back.

You see- Momma loved Bing cherries.
And from time to time, I'd bring her a bagful for a special treat.
This particular day, I'd done just that. So we rinsed them off and put them in a bowl; carrying them out to her back deck that faces the woods and big pasture.

She was very sick at this point.
The cancer, and treatments had taken their toll on her little body.
Her hair was pretty much gone, but she wore colorful bananas... and the most beautiful smile.

Have you ever spent time with someone where alls you really did was ... just be with them?
Well that's what we did together that day.
We sat side by side out on the porch, dining on the bowl full of cherries between us.
Neither of us felt like we had to say anything. We just simply enjoyed God's beauty, ....and spit cherry pits off the porch.

After a long stillness, I'll never forget her saying:


God used my Momma that day to give me so many gifts through one moment in time.
Gifts that keep coming back to me ... reminding me.


Holykisses xoxo


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Awww, bless your heart and hers!!

Mecky said...

What a sweet memory. I know you miss her deeply.
She was so right. Sometimes just sitting there with someone you love is LIVING!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Why is it we get so wrapped up in all the crap of life and miss the absolute beauty of spitting pits with someone you love???? To Just Be. . . what a wonderful, quieting thought! I like to just be with that little calf! I don't think he'd say much, do you????

Fran. said...

Beautiful story Lea!! I could just picture it in my mind. right now that is what I am trying to do, "to just be!!" Thanks for the reminder that it is ok to do that!! I am praying that you are safe and sound with all the weather that is coming and going! Take care and as usual thanks for sharing!! XO Love, Fran.

Anonymous said...

Lea, Such special and precious memories of your angel mum.

Raised unto glory then, at His return
Joyous our song shall be, at HIs return
Gathered around to Him, all learn the heavenly hymn
Jesus our joyful theme, at His return.

Thinking about you dear friend.

God Bless you.

Jeanie xxx

Sunnyside Up said...

sweet reminder today friend to just...BE!

to be still in the moment
& live

thanks for sharing such a precious time in your life..with such a precious soul!

life is too SHORT not to savor the moments!

love ya

Dee said...

Thank you for sharing your was very touching to my heart. I will try to remember to be in the moment with who ever I am with...enjoy there presence.

Heidi said...

Touching memory; so sweet to remember cherries with special thoughts. I am so sorry I haven't emailed you yet---- I'm probably headed out of state next week to visit my sister. I know you've experienced the pain of a loved one going through cancer, now as my sister begins her battle I can only begin to relate to your pain.
May God bless you and put His loving arms around you. Hugs, Heidi

Sherry said...

Wow. What a big lesson in three small words. Perfect. xo