Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Finds

Greetings and Holykisses!

Yesterday afternoon I hit my favorite Shoppes. What a fun day!
Here are a few olde things that found their way home with me.
How about a vintage, childrens suit case?
I've looked for one for a long time and really like the size, golden wheat color and perfect amount of rattiness in this Amelia Earhart!
I asked my friend who's one of the owners of this store and he said he thought it's probably from the 40's. I haven't researched it yet, but love that it still bears the label--.
I'm thinkin Urinah Mariah (my dressform)will have to use it for her next photo shoot out at the potting shed.

These scissors were marked 25cents each. The tiny one on the right is my favorite. The other two look big but are really the size of kindergarten scissors.
When I was paying out a the antique store; my friend asked if I'd "want" a box of old kids clothes they had settin there! He said it had been there a long time and he was tired of tripping over it. What a blessing!
Some are made of feedsacks, and most are handmade! I love the tiny pearl buttons.
This is my favorite little night dress. It's stained and has just one little pearl button still attached. I can't wait to launder and iron it and hang it in a window in my craft room.
Isn't it pretty? Notice the tiny lazy daisy stitches?

This little romper is chambray blue and is the cutest design. The embroidered bunny is done by hand and look how they created the bottom that snaps. Lots of love went into sewing this romper. -- In the morning I'll throw these all in the wash on delicate and then hang them out on the line to sun dry. I may try to clean the inside of the suit case as best as I can and let it air-out in the sunshine too. It smells kinda funny but if I store these clothes inside the case maybe a fresh dryer sheet would keep them all nice and fresh.
I also found a prim box about half full of vintage buttons. I haven't went through them one by one yet, but did poke through abit when taking these pictures .....
It's a sweet little lot and has rhinestone, glass, pearls, plastics, and cut steels. I saw one bone button too so I'm anxious to get a closer look at them. See the pretty purple rhinestone button? It will go in someone's Lydia jar.
This barnyard picture is a slice of country paradise.
If you just look into it for a little while I think you'll see the love.
See what I mean? Did you hear the doves coo?

Here's the back of a vintage ginger wafers tin. I had a picture of the front on here as well but I accidentally deleted it a second ago by backspacing. Woops. Maybe you'll see it on my shelf some other day.

Last but not least is this old crock. Unfortunately its missing the wire bale; but it was certainly priced right. The lid says April 16th 1901. It needs a little love, and "some goo be gone," since they taped the lid in place so it wouldn't get broken. I'm anxious to see if I can make a little bale for it somehow or ... maybe it will go bale less... who knows? I can already imagine it with a bouquet of Autumn flowers and a primitive crocks n jars sign nearby.

So those were my finds for the day.
Thanks for droppin in and happy junkin!


Trace4J said...

Oh Friend what wonderful treasures you have found. My very favorites are the buttons of course and awesome chick picture. So excited for you. You doing the happy dance?
Hugs Friend

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Looks like you hit the mother load for kids clothes, that is right up my ally as I use to make children's close from vintage patterns. There is a laundry soap call Biz or Bizz? and its good for washing vintage clothing. For stubborn stains, soak them in Biz sol overnight then wash and hang in the sun to dry. It would be like Christmas morning to find a box of vintage clothing...what a find.

As for the suitcase, If you sprinkle baking soda in the suitcase and press it all around with a cloth, let it sit in the sun awhile then vacuum it out and repeat.... this will help get the smell out. Also put sligthly dampend dryer sheets in there and put it out in the sun, close the lid, the moisture will penetrate the fibers. Then remove the sheets, open it up and leave it in the sun to totally dry out.

God bless and keep you safe.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Amazing finds and treasures!! I love it all, can't wait to see your next photo shoot! I'm so happy you had a lovely day vintage style!

Traci said...

Good Morning Lea..

I would say it's a good thing we didn't partner up for junkin' yesterday....LOL.... we'd have been scrappin' for those wonderful finds! Such a wonderful treasury of finds...

Have a great weekend,

From the Heart said...

Wow, you did find a lot of good things. I know you'll have fun using them.

Cora said...

LOVE the suitcase, Lea!!!!! Nothing better. Don't you wish you knew where it's been????? I remember finding one in the attic of an old house and had that 2 minute delusion of grandeur that maybe it was filled with money! It was empty! The children's clothing ----- I'm drooling over that. I put a clothesline across the top of my bathroom window (like you would a curtain rod) and hung some vintage little dresses there as my curtain. Boy, we wouldn't make good shopping partners. We'd be fighting and pulling stuff out of eadh other's hands yelling, "I saw it first!!!!"

Rebecca said...

I'm happy for you and all your "finds"! Wow. You really did well!

I especially like the vintage children's clothing...Enjoy.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I'll try and come back for a longer visit. I just LOVE the vintage suitcase and that bowl full of fun :) :) :) My dad needs the computer and I'll just have to share ;) :) :) Awesome vintage finds, Lea ;) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Kristi said...

Hey Sweet Lea! What wonderful finds you found. I went antiquing today and didn't find a single thing except for an antique Moses baby bed. I climbed over two tables to see the was $250. What?! So, I hiked up my dress a little bit and climbed back over the two tables. I think they want to keep that Moses baby bed. Oiy!

Anonymous said...

Like your treats...especially the baby clothes. Looks like some TLC went into those at one time. Glad you had an enjoyable day.

Till next time.
God bless you.

Sherry said...

You always find the neatest things when you go out! I wish I had a buddy like you nearby to go junkin' with. You know that I love those buttons you picked up. Never too many buttons. Love ya chickie.