Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Greetings and Holykisses!

When I came in from the garden this morning I looked down where I park my olde shoes and grabbed my camera. I keep seeing this verse from the book of Ruth, and the two paired up like this. Funny sometimes... the many ways that the word of God comes to us isn't it?!!

I had to show you this sweet little gift left beneath the feeder this morning. I think it's from a blue jay. I made sure to pick it up so it didn't blow away before I finished watering. I don't know where it will end up... maybe my soul journal?
Last night I dug up all our taters and then tilled the whole garden again. We didn't get a very good harvest but I can't complain. The garden was under water for days so it's a miracle anything produced at all.

Notice the first summer squash and the little onion on top? We have lots of onions but this one... shhhhh is gonna get chopped up and added in our sloppy joes tonight. Don't tell Myguy. He likes the flavor but if he even thinks he sees an onion flake.... well; you get the picture.
We had another ruckus here last night. It was late and Myguy and I were out on the back porch listening to a whippoorwil, when from the henhouse came a loud shriek! We both looked at each other and then more disturbed clucking began. We ran inside to grab our shoes, and I went for a flashlite and he went for the shotgun. I knew I'd shut the little trap door in the coop earlier that goes to their outdoor pen so I figured it was a snake. (Wrong.) Myguy was greeted by another Pepe LaPEW. He slammed the door and yelled SKUNK! How the thing got in there is beyond me. --I ran for cover. --But not Myguy... he regrouped and charged. lol He's really gotta be kin to Daniel Boone. Before I got back on the porch I heard KAPOW! I hollered, "Did ya git him?" Myguy: "I think so."
He left it in there til morning and then chunked it over the fence into the woods.
He said it was a really little one. But even the little ones have a big stink don't they.

Today I held my breath and went in the building to see if I could figure out how it got in but found nothing. I'd let the chickens all out yesterday to free range and at dusk when they went back to roost I walked inside and closed their trap door and shut the big door behind me. I shudder to think the thing might have been in there already. ? surely not???
So we're back to working on the "new" chicken coop.
No more motorcycle riding every night until it's done.
Myguy said hopefully this weekend it'll be finished.
The new pen has a trench dug around the perimeter and these panels are concreted right into the ditches. If anything tries to dig under now, it's sure to be disappointed. And hopefully the wire top will be as much of a deterrent. Ha Ha varmits!
Even more exciting than the ruckus at the chicken coop was my bible study today.
It was just "one of those days." You know how God will give you these awesome revelations.... words jump out at you... and things seem to come together more than they did the day before.-- I almost felt guilty for all the time that I stayed right here. How appropriate that the lesson brought my adversary to my attention. Because satan doesn't want us to be in the word. he want's to keep us from it and will use whatever means he can to keep us distracted. So we must

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" 1 Peter 5:8

As I sit here writing... I look at my table in this photo and it also takes me to the story of Martha and Mary. The Martha in me sees my house when this picture was taken and thinks how she oughta be sweeping the floor, and tidying up. Her to do list swirls in her head. "She really should be mulching tomatoes. There is a whole haystack that needs to be pitchforked into the bed of her truck. She even thinks about tossing out her coffee cup because it's just gotten too stained. It bugs her. Lots of little things just bug her.

....Then there's the Mary in me who wants to stay at the table. She wants to pour another cup of coffee in that blessed cup, and just feast on the word! Today, that's what I did. I even grabbed a slab of zucchini bread to go with it. ;)

"but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10: 42

Moving forward, I know some of you crafters like to alter cans so I thought you might like to see one I made to hold my offerings. Even if I find a penny on the ground... it's going into this can. From there... it will go where God tells me. Maybe the offering plate... or maybe to someone. He knows.
Had to add this picture of yet another blessing this week.
Looking through some of my Angel Mother's things; I came across her overalls. I remember her wearing them alot. Then it dawned on me that since I've lost weight; maybe... just maybe they'd fit me? They fit! These are now my happy little overalls as my friend Blaine called em.

Funny the little things that can just bless your heart isn't it?
These are now my most favorite britches. lol
This was taken just yesterday and I've already washed them so I can wear them again tomorrow. ;D

I've been taking my camera with me every time I go into the garden lately. With all the baby birds and flowers blooming now ... I don't want to miss something!
The lil sparrows have grown alot in just 3 days time. And they're scared of me now. If I get too close they disappear into the box.
As I walked past the mailbox I was soooo happy.
When I showed you the picture the other day, I thought there were only three babies. But all four eggs did indeed hatch! And look at the guinea feather! I didn't notice that the other day either. I guess bluebirds love polka dots as much as I do.
Lastly, I'll show you what it looks like when my creative juices start flowing. Right after my bible study time, verses were coming to me and words so I grabbed my soul journal.

Even my ephemera book had perfect words for my time with God this morning.
I couldn't find my paper scissors so I did a no no and used my "fabric only" scissors. Then I remembered the cute lil stampin up scissors tucked in a drawer. Those things are wonderful!

I haven't started the writing part yet but hope to finish these two pages this evening. So if you're interested... check under the soul journal tab later and I'll try to start adding more pictures.
Thanks for journeying with me!
I hope yall have a wonderful day!
Holykisses xoxo


Denise said...

You, and your blog greatly bless my heart. You look beyond cute in your sweet angel momma's overalls. I love you.

Rebecca said...

You are a busy beaver! Such fun to see all you're up to...I really like your new "britches", too!

Raining here. We needed it again. Good evening for reading one of the three library books that came in 'specially for me yesterday :)

Happy weekend!

Trace4J said...

Girlfriend one of my very favorite things are my overalls!!
You look wonderful and so very happy!!
Joy joy joy!!
Loved your post!!

Mecky said...

WTG on the overalls!!!
Smart idea on the way your DH did the fence. If the chickens only understood, they would have smiles on their beeks! Maybe they will show their graditude with more egg production!
Have a good night

Dee said...

Lea, I have missed your charming blog while on my blog break.It will take me a while to catch up but it will be time well spent. I love the writing on your blog. How did you do it?

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Lea,

Oh, you are having all sorts of adventures and great stories this week :) :) I'm glad your guy got that little skunk. They sure are cute, but sure smell something fierce, too...especially when they spray... Once in awhile my dad and I will smell a skunk while driving the rural roads.

I can't wait to see the new chicken palace. That will be wonderful, I'm sure :) :)

I really loved the picture of the shoes with the verse from Ruth. I was also intrigued by your Bible study table with the Bible, verse cards, cool notes etc ;) :) I dont have a dedicated spot in my home for devotions..but m aybe I should create one? I was curious about your soul journal? The ephemera book is also really neat :) ):

I'm definitely more of a Mary when it comes to cleaning. However, this week, I've really gotten serious about getting it squeaky clean...or as clean as I can get it. I don't like cleaning at lal..but I figure if it's really clean, than maintenance should be easy, right? :) :) :) We' ll see ;) :)

Have a great weekend ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I wish I had your energy!

Sunnyside Up said...

FINALLY!! I got my blogger "issues" fixed..hopefully! :)

You just bless my sock off with your journaling! Im so glad you let us come along and share in your life!

HAPPY DANCE to see you in your Angel Mommas "Overhalls" (as my son use to call them!:) You are going to enjoy them so much this summer...I would wear them everyday tooo! :)Adorable YOU!

Love your SOUL JOURNAL...of course we want to seeeee.....

Now..get out there and get that Coop built so you and yourguy can jump backon that bike & head out where the road leads you....

Oh..where Oh where will that feather turn up...cant wait to see!!
Love you with ALL MY {heart} friend..