Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Few Happenings....

Greetings and Holykisses,

Seems like forever since I've visited "blogland."
Thanks for not giving up on me- and being so patient!
It seems like so much has been going on and yet;... not really so much.* Now how can that make any sense?

Since I last blogged, I did get my dental implants. I'm so thankful to have that behind me and gotta give God the glory because my dentist said even more bone grew from the bone grafts I had done 4 months earlier, than he'd even thought! (That's MYGOD!!) And getting those screws put in there wasn't bad at all. Piece of cake. "Piece of crumb cake!" my Strongheart would say. ;)

What else is new.....
This past week, we had snow in our neck of the woods. It's been getting so cold at night that our pond has frozen many times. I can't remember if I told yall, but something had gotten the second to the last puddleduck. I found it laying next to the pond completely eaten. That left one very scared puddleduck out on the water. Some of you may remember the one with the funny hair on it's head? We named it Hairdoo. Well; that's the only one left.

After witnessing all the horrors- she turned plumb wild. Scared to death of anything or anyone that moved. We really suspect that it was coyotes that ate the others and every night they would howl their heads off down by the pond. I felt so stinkin sorry for that last duck. I worried about her all the time but couldn't catch her coz she stayed out on the water. Then the pond started freezing and you know what that meant. Whatever the predator was; it could walk on the ice to get the duck. I seriously could hardly sleep fretting over it. That poor duck would try so hard to keep one little spot of ice churned up enough to keep swimming. But then the temps dropped even further. I couldn't imagine she'd still be alive come morning. As soon as I woke up I pulled on my boots and ran out the door. There she was standing right in front of our chicken coop! My heart just started pounding! I waited for Myguy and together we tried to herd her into our chicken coop. I was so afraid she'd get past me and high tail it back to the pond but she seemed utterly beside herself. The pond was froze and she had no where else to go. I just started praying and finally she went through the door of the coop! Sheer joy! I ran down to the barn and scooped up a pile of fresh hay and took it back up to the coop and put it in one corner. A little while later I peeked inside and she was laying down in that bed of hay; snug as a bug in a rug!

I know that was a long story for just one lil ole puddleduck.
But I love that duck!!!!!!!!!

Okay; here's another thing that has started taking up a lot of our time.
Our old barn has seen better days for sure. Unfortunately, so is the chicken coop that's up by our house. We started realizing it all the more when we finished the wrap around porch and our view became the chicken coop. lol So my dear husband has started tearing out old posts etc in our barn, and is going to build a new coop down there. When that's finished, he's going to hop on his little bulldozer and hopefully "improve" the view. ;)

And the barn: well; let's just hope we can turn it into fort Knox. By that I mean: possum-proof, coon-proof, skunk-proof, coyote-proof, fox-proof, and dog-proof. We have til Spring to get it all finished. Then we'll have an order of baby chicks coming as well as all our other fine- feathered friends that will need to move into their new home sweet home.

This afternoon, the dogs and I went on our daily walk. We still have some snow in the shady spots and as nice as it is to see it snow.... it's nice to see it go.....! After our walk, I went around the garden and inspected flowers and bushes. Thee Oxalis in this chair, are thinking about waking up already. And even the Mallow below it has a lot of life.
Walking around the edge of the potting shed, I spotted Bigdaddy's olde workboots. I'm remembering the pretty impatiens that were planted in them last year. Remember the toads that called them home? Kinda makes you wonder if burrowed down in the toes of those boots if perhaps a toad or someone else could be sleeping?
And last but not least, I had to show you Hairdoo's new friend. My neighbor Jackie gave me this sweet little Muscovy out of her own flock to be a friend to Hairdoo. She was quite sure it's a girl, but after I got home, I started wondering if maybe Hairdoo is actually a boy duck because he has a couple curled tail feathers like you see drakes have? lol I'm still puzzled. He/she.... whatever they are,.... they're becoming the best of friends.

Yall have a wonderful weekend! I better get a move on!
It's "date" night for Myguy n me. Guess what?.... He turned the big "46" this past week!
WhooHooO! I'm not married to a "younger" man anymore. lol



Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Hi Lea ... So glad all is going well with you and that all went well with your dental work ..!!

Poor puddleducks ..I'd be putting them up in the barn too and I'd get them a kiddie pool for the barn so they could wade any old time the pleased ..but then I'm a Farm Girl with a citified heart wantin to name all my critters good and bad and keep em all like they were sweet little kiddos ..

Although I think we need to have a talk with them coyotes ..they sure are misbehavin and really don't they have something else better to do than chase down your sweet puddle ducks ..LOL !!

Wishing you a Beautiful New Year sweetie ..


Simple Southern Happiness said...

So good to know you are doing okay with the oral sugery, OUCH! God sure had a hand in that.
AND your duck too, he knew right where it needed to be. Sure has a good home and a new friend.

Looks like you all have so much on your plate before spring and you sure have a talented handyguy.

Have fun on date night.

katie said...

I am so happy Hairdoo has a friend. That was a happy ending.
My new verse I am working on is Acts1:8

Sherry said...

Add me to the list of those cheering for Hairdoo! Can't wait to see what comes out of those boots-a beautiful flower or an ugly...I mean...adorable toad. haha. Missed ya. Glad things looked good at the dentist!! Big Hugs!

Denise said...

Such fun at your house! We have 10 acres but no pond and I am always looking to see where I can put a BIG fish pond in the corner of my yard.... My sweet husband has found a set of plans for a portable chicken coop that is just tooooooo cute and I think this spring we are going to build it and put it at the far end of the yard.......THEN maybe the fish pond and two ducks!!!!!! OH my world would be perfect then!

hahahah It does not take much to make me happy.......

I have not gone out in so many days now my cabin fever is raging. This vertigo is still so bad and not being able to walk straight it i a bit unsafe to roam the yard. Maybe next week.......

Have a blessed Sunday girl.... Spring is sooooooooooooooo close.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Boy, do I ever remember my duck days, I know what you went through! But happy to see hairdoo has a new buddy! And you get a new coop! :) I'm so happy for you and your new smile, now you can smile bright again!

Ozjane said...

implants sound good.....I had a plate made to fill in a gap either side but I fear another tooth has been weakened from it......also lost another one that does not really affect it.......but wish I had had something like an implant..not sure it is suitable but am sure going to have to find out.

Heidi said...

HI Lea! Tell Mike Happy Birthday from the west coast peoples!!! I'll bet you made a Texas sheet cake or something!

Your snow pictures are so fun! We got snow last year around Thanksgiving. But snow is very unusual here on the coast, so it was a treat!

Glad Hairdo has a new friend, maybe her name is Hairspray? LOL Just having fun...

Glad you can chew a big ole steak careful about adding nuts to your food, though! That's what get to my teeth (or my crowns, I've been queened with crowns more than my fair share). Are you all done now?

Auntie Bliss said...

So...the new duck is alive? or Hairdoo is alone? Well I was so relieved when he went inside! Sitting here with white knuckles!
We need a hen...two roosters does not a happy coop make...
Glad your toothies are done and are ya eating good?

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Lea,

You had my heart at "Puddleduck" oh, how precious, I love their waddle, and those feet :o) I'm so happy he wasn't frozen, and has a nice cozy hay bed :o). He thinks your his Mama duck now :O)

May God bless you this week

Paula said...

Poor little Hairdoo... I'm sure he/she was traumatized!! Glad Hairdoo has a new friend and is now safe and sound.
Sounds like you all have some serious projects happening soon, dearie~ can't wait to see the finished coops!

Jackie said...

Poooor Hairdoo! But I'm glad he/she's (?) got a buddy now!

Have a beautiful day in the potting shed!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lea, I cried when I read about the puddleducks! I just adore them.... I am so thankful Hairdo is okay and he has a new friend. I hope they stay safe in the coop. Have a great day!

Dee said...

Lea, I am so glad puddle duck is safe a warm and can now relax and has a friend. Poor little thing.I am glad your oral surgry is over...just thinking about it makes my teeth ache.