Monday, September 20, 2010

Woodland Finds

Greetings and Holykisses,

Barely made it here while it's still Monday!
I've been trying to get a video to load but I guess I'll have to try it without adding any pictures.
I'll keep you in suspense what it's of. No; no more possum chases; not today anyways.

The picture above is of some of the vines I found. Ran out of room in the bucket so had to lay abunch across the front of the four wheeler. About half way across the pasture I noticed my bucket was empty. Then I had to back track to find it. ha ha
I've also been cleaning out the potting shed for Fall; and decided to bring one of the old washtubs to the house for winter. This one housed potting soil all summer, but it got a good scrubbing and now resides in my craft room.

Instead of potting mix, it holds fabric and polyfil.
Boy oh boy, have I been up to my eyeballs in polyfil!
I know these look funny with their bare prim stitchins but.... just wait! Before long, they'll be given character and personalities. The one on the right looks a little like ET right now; but that's the way the pattern makes her. lol

Still have alot of stuffin to do. Finally tossed it all in a corner for awhile and headed back outside!

As I passed by this bush, I thought I saw a snake but it's just a lighter shade of tree branch. My Mom gave me this years ago; it's called a Walking stick bush. I haven't clipped any branches yet, but will as it goes more dormant.
Also picked a few pears. The deer have been eating the crab apples. About every other day, one or two deer are seen standing at the base of the tree.
The persimmons are starting to fall to the ground too.
But none of us are too crazy about those ....
I did bring home a few pine cones and nuts to add to baskets though.
Riding around the woods was so much fun. I got off a few times picking to pick things up. Sure hope the chiggers are gone now! I rebuked them and the poison ivy too!
It's funny we look out at the pastures and wish there weren't so many of those yellow weeds out there. Nothing will eat them... not even the donkeys. But they sure look pretty to me in old bottles and jars. Now I've gotta decide if I want to make a garland or a wreath out of all that muscadine vine. Hope I have some time tomorrow to do something with it.

Til we meet again,
Holykisses xoxo


Kristi said...

Everything looks beautiful! I saw a piece like yours in an antique shop this weekend and they wanted $275 for it. Wow! You keep your potting soil so fancy. :-) Have a blessed day!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love the ole shabby shed and your craft room all decked out for fall! Tons of treasures to be found right now, before the critters that is!

Rebecca said...

What a great use of the wash tub! Can't wait to see all the fiber-filled projects when completed! You've captured the essence of autumn. I like your style!

Anonymous said...

Lea, you so inspire me. I have been stitchin, too! I just adore what you did with your washtub. LOVE IT. I am keeping my eyes open for one but here in CA I bet they are really expensive. Darling ideas. Can't wait to see your darling little dolls. Hugs, Janie

From the Heart said...

Hey, stranger. Looks like you've been busy as a bee. Everything looks so refreshing with the fall colors.

I'll be "gone missing" the end of the week and weekend. Thursday is our 48th anniversary and we're going to my daughter's in VB.

Have a glorious day.

Denise said...

Oh I had forgotten how much I love coming here... I have been looking for an old wash tub for years now.. Maybe this year will be the one. We are tearing down out old shed this next month and building it back again.. it is a mess and in need of much attention.. I will take pictures.. My sweet husband is going to build me a porch with a stone floor to sit and watch the flowers bloom..... I am looking forward to that project.... does the heart good to stay busy.. I had to move all of mom's irises but they are in a good place until I move them again to their final garden spot..

thanks for all the encouragement.. and prayers really does reach my heart

Linda said...

Wow-I love all your photos! So pretty.
I love the old potting shed and I look forward to seeing your dolls.
I love Fall and all the beauitful changing colours.
Thank you for your visit to my blog and I hope to see you again soon.

Denise said...

I love coming to visit here.