Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Word Filled Wednesday

Happy Word Filled Wednesday!

Sitting in the dentist chair yesterday; I found myself staring at the treasure chest in the corner of the room. A plastic? box full of plastic treasure. I "know" a much better treasure. I hope you do too! If not; here's your key.

Holykisses xoxo


Paula said...

I see you made GOOD your time at teh Dentist!! Thank you for the awesome word!!!

have a wonderfully blessed day!

Denise said...

Great verse sis.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love it how you can find inspiration even at the dentist! :)

BECKY said...

Love this message and the graphic, sweetness! Also love the "gates" post. I would like to share that excerpt on my blog if that is ok with you. Just let me know!

That birthday boy of yours is sure a cutie. Hope it was wonderful for him. We have four girls, but I do have an "adopted" son, Josh, whose mother graciously shares him with me. :o) He is the age of my oldest, 29.

Hugs to you and prayers for a blessed day!

Yolanda said...

We both are in Isaiah right now!!!!!

From the Heart said...

Beautiful verse. I'm still working and trying to get my new computer all together. Still have a few things to do. I've missed everyone but hope to be back soon.
Love you, AE

~Pam~ said...

Love that verse and photo!
Be blessed!


Wonderful Lea(:)
Hope the appointment went well for ya (:) oxox Patty