Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Night Of Ruth....

Greetings and Holykisses,

Snnnffff... what is that smell? Turning around while vacuuming rugs in the sunroom, I noticed the living room was FULL of smoke! .......Then it dawned on me.... "the pan!" I was trying to be a good lil wife and fix my Hubby's noodles he likes before the gals came over. On the stove, was a saucepan with water, milk, and butter; and it boiled over like Old Faithful. If you have a glass top cookstove... you know what kind of mess I'm talkin about!

"Don't panic," I thought to myself. " --"It can't be that bad."
Yeah right... who was I kidding? I'm now coughing... eyes are seriously burning and I'm running to the back of the house to locate fans and open windows. Our house is long; in fact, a neighbor boy once told me, "Your house looks like a train." I'm not joking when I say, our train was full of smoke from engine to caboose!* Ya know; our smoke detector never even went off?!!!

Mike and Trent ran to the rescue to help rig fans all over and Trent even scrubbed the stove for me while I finished getting Hubby's supper. Isn't it something that when you want everything to be "just right," .... something will happen? Especially in the spiritual realm. When something good is fixin to happen .... "the old devil don't like it much.*" (you gotta say that like a born again redneck.)

An hour or so later, the air had cleared so the windows could be closed and the air conditioner cranked. But the house still had an odor. Odor...- no; onions have odor... our house stank!!! Good ole Febreeze to the rescue. I think I used half a can. lol

Oh well... water under the bridge right? I can laugh today, but I really wasn't yesterday. Inspite of a crazy start, the ladies found my house and we had a wonderful time. One of them is on oxygen and she's who I was most worried about. But she did okay! Thank God!

We had a good discussion about Naomi, Orpah and Ruth; trying to walk in their sandals and imagine what they were going through having lost their menfolk. We wondered about Naomi's character etc for Ruth to want to follow her instead of going back to her own Mother, and home like Orpah did. We also wondered about Ruth's Mother and homelife . I think we each found one of these women we could identify with. It was really nice having a small group because everyone really opened up even though we didn't all know eachother very well.

As the discussion progressed, I think we all became gripped by: "weeping forward." I hope I never forget those two words. Because weeping is healing... and the moving seems to be part of our journey to Him.

We had a wonderful meeting; I'm so thankful!
We shared a loaf of bread, cheese, salami, grapes, bing cherries sugar cookies, and coffee or punch. I know some groups do an actual dinner, but we just grazed and had the coffee pot on.
It was fun and I look forward to everything God has in store for us.

Thee author of this study Kelly Minter has a cd out entitled Love, Loss and Legacy. The songs go along with this bible study and I finally downloaded them onto my Ipod today. I think I have Wherever You Go memorized already and I seriously got teary listening to "I Lay Down." Learning and singing songs that are about this story, is almost like a bonus study tool.

If you're interested in the Ruth book, make sure you click here and enter for the giveway right here at the shed.
Deadline is Friday night at midnight!

Holykisses xoxo


Denise said...

Sis, the study sounds amazing, love you.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Despite the smoke sounds like an absolutely wonderful time! :) I bet you were a fantastic hostess, Lea! :)

Dawn Dutton said...

Sounds like a great Bible study...
Sorry for your smoke and mess... been there done that! Glad you and your house are safe...
love, hugs, and prayers for today, Dawn

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I doubt those attending minded the smoke, it was Ruth they were after! lol Bless your heart!

Anonymous said...

I just know everyone enjoyed the Bible study... and felt so welcomed into your home! These stoves are VERY hard to clean.... I have one and it isn't a pretty site when you boil over. Love, Janie