Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Word Filled Wednesday and Nesting

This is a picture of my garden yesterday morning.
Doesn't grace and peace in abundance sound really good? I'm clinging to this verse today.
I'm also up for a little experiment.
The birds are starting to nest here.
So, when I cleaned out the dryer vent; I saved them a bit. Then I decided to give them a little more to choose from...
Maybe there are a few primitive gals who will like dryer lint and maybe bits of cheese cloth? Maybe one is shabby chic and would like creamy white yarn to line her nest? Maybe some are girlygirls and would think sparkly pink yarn is yummy? We can't forget the bold gals who always choose red. Last but not least, what gal doesn't like to soften her boudoir with a little lace? ..........~ Maybe they'll think I've lost it; will fly away ... and never come back?
I forgot to check their pan later this evening, but earlier; I did notice a few checking it out.

I couldn't tell if this one had something in it's beak or not. I have to work outdoors tomorrow so I'll watch closer. If it appears nothing has been taken, I might cut the yarn in smaller bits and see if they like that better.

We usually find several nests every year. Alot of times they blow out of trees during storms. I almost always see our donkey's hair in them. ~It would totally crack me up to find my favorite gawdy pink yarn in a real bird nest.

Yall have a wonderful day!
May you have grace and peace in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our LORD!


Denise said...

I always feel so refreshed after coming to your blog sis, love you.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I LOVE your garden area and shed, it's so calming, no wonder you love it so! Happy gardening girlfriend!

katie said...

Lea, your going to have the best designed nest in town. Great idea.

Yolanda said...

Put up our bird house just yesterday. ;-)

From the Heart said...

Great verse and I like your flowers. You have such a kind heart, sure hope the birds realize it and use what you have provided.
Blessings, AE

Farm Chick Paula said...

Your garden looks so lovely, dear... and how sweet of you to put some housewarming accesories out for your little feathered friends! You are the sweetest thing ever!


Oh I love it Lea..And you have the prettiest ''dryer fluff'' I have ever seen..LOL
Your garden looks so pretty too~

heidi said...

What a sweet, sweet thing for you to do for those birdies. You're precious!!!!!!!!
Love, Heidi

momoflots said...

I just came across your blog and I am enchanted!! I too, love to garden and enjoy looking at your place!! Thank you for your earlier posts about fear this week - it was a true gift as I struggle in this area!! Thank you for the verses - I will going to sleep with them in my mind!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful wonderful verse!
I am clinging to it too right now...
What a nice thing to do for the birds! {I think our mockingbirds are gone~WOO HOO!} I am sure soon you will have THE most gorgeous nests adorning your trees!
And wow that lint & yarn would make some incredible homemade paper...
I am still having some computer troubles~especially e-mail =(
Thinking of you this morning and wishing you the most wonderful blessed and joy-filled day! ♥

ozjane said...

I love your happy heart and the cute things you think of doing.
Love the verse and the garden.
I dipped out this week.

Anonymous said...

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